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Thread: 79' Toyota TE31 Sacramento, CA

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    79' Toyota TE31 Sacramento, CA

    Sup old school import freaks,

    I just recently purchased a very well cared for 79' Corolla with a 2TC. It has 129K from the orig owner. The yellow wasn't my first choice color but the car was in such good original condition, I couldn't pass it up. I buffed the paint out real nice, cleaned up the orig steel wheels and have begun detailing the exterior, stripping the sun damaged tan interior out and basic filter changes/maintenance to keep it running until the REAL work begins.

    Purists, don't hate but plans are to start with a full street-tuned coilover race suspension and wheel/tire combo. I plan over the next 5+ years to build this Rolla to be quicker and better handling than my current stock AP1 S2000, or my previously owned AWD Talon TSi. I haven't determined whether to build up the 2tc or do a swap but the T40 tranny will definitely be swapped for a 5 speed whatever the motor choice is. I've owned an 81' Celica ST, and an 85' Cressida so it's nice to get back to an old school Toyota after a couple of turbo DSMs and Hondas.

    Stay tuned,

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    Re: 79' Toyota TE31 Sacramento, CA

    Welcome Brandon!

    Another S2k/TE31 fellow, I see! Mine are AP2 and 79 Coupe, respectively. I have some pics around here somewhere... I currently autocross my TE31 and she has a WAYS to go on suspension, but it's fun regardless.

    Got pics?

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    Re: 79' Toyota TE31 Sacramento, CA

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