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Thread: Ae86 lowering springs fit ae72?

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    Ae86 lowering springs fit ae72?

    Just curious before I break out the hack saw on my springs(which I really don't want to do)I know the 1983 ae72 shares some of the same underpinnings of the ae86 but will the ae86 lowering springs fit the ae72 front+rear without mods or is it a direct bolt in? thanks

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    Re: Ae86 lowering springs fit ae72?

    pretty sure its just a bolt in affair

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    Re: Ae86 lowering springs fit ae72?

    82+ everything should bolt in...

    Only one issue with front suspension on AE72, and AE86.. the struts are 12mm closer together on the AE86 then the AE72. The lower cross member is the same. That means that if you use the AE86 strut tube in an AE72... you will automatically have 6mm of positive camber(positive is not the "good" camber) per side........

    I fixed my issue with adjustable lower control arms.

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