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Thread: new from Okinawa s30 gc10 ta27

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    new from Okinawa s30 gc10 ta27

    Hi. Just joined. Im in Okinawa. I have a few Japanese classics. A 1971 S30 Z, a 1969 Gc10 Hakosuka. Those 2 were up but now the Z is getting repainted. Hakosula is getting an 3.0 swap.
    I also have a few project cars waiting in the garage. A 1975 Celica ta27 GT liftback with 2tg 1750cc over bore, another 72 240z, another 72 4dr 2000GT gc10, and a 69 pgc10 GTR in pieces with a locked up s20....

    Nice to meet yall.

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    Re: new from Okinawa s30 gc10 ta27

    Woah sounds like you've got all the goodies, awesome! Any photos?

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    Re: new from Okinawa s30 gc10 ta27

    Welcome to the forum. I'm up on mainland.

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    Re: new from Okinawa s30 gc10 ta27

    Yes pics please!

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