My Cressy wheel was in bad shape, the rear plastic was dry and faded. I painted it brown, and also decided to bring some white to the horn ring since my interior has white. I use SEM automotive paint for interior plastics, vinyl and carpet. I also use their plastic prep cleaner and satin clear. I used One Shot copper on the plastic end caps.

Next was my RA21. The wheel had huge cracks on the molded spokes, not a 'cover' like the MX32. So I used an epoxy filler, it dries hard and you can sand it. Some glazing putty and primer and a charcoal black spray. Next, the horn ring looked drab, so again, I masked and painted it. I pinstriped the groove between the black center and white edges, also shot some Japan red on the round Celica insert. The horn bars were painted silver. I like that these are stock wheels, but have a custom look to it, all you need is paint, masking tape and some time.