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Thread: The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa...

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    The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa...

    Hey guys... I know I don't post very much on here, but I am currently deployed to Okinawa. One of my past times here has been finding and photographing rusty old Japanese Tin melting away on the island.

    Mostly everyone here has newer Kei cars, the heat and humidity just melts these things away... In either case, if you have seen the "old school JDM hunter" hashtag on Tumblr or Instagram, it's been my finds...

    I posted the two door Cedric 330 in the "Datsun" garage a few months back...

    This is the Okinawan "AE86 Graveyard", owned by an old man named Kinjo-San. Kinjos's shop is known as " ??????????", or Maintenance Rock K, and from what I hear, there has been plenty of Kyusha fans that have been looking for this place. Maintenance Rock K is at the top of a hill overlooking Camp Shields. I picked up a Nardi Wheel and Watanabes from him to go on my RA40 Celica. Stay tuned, I will start a build thread once I get home. Cam especially, would like to see it.

    JNC, Kinjo-San. Kinjo-San, JNC.

    This is a Carina...

    This was an Isuzu.


    That's a KP61 just to the right of the Trueno, and those are two TA64 Carinas to the extreme right...

    Any guesses what size that wheel is!?

    This Panda Levin can be purchased...

    This Levin Coupe is in a little better shape, and it's not for sale. I tried buying the three-piece Wats off it...

    Once the rain stops here, I am pulling the rear brake caliper mounts off this thing. It's just been gross and rainy here lately.

    This is one wheel off the Trueno at the top of this post...

    Leaving the top of the hill and going out in town, I see this Mark II (or is it a Cresta?) parked in this usual spot.

    Okay, another favorite spot of mine is Taki Auto Service. Tetsuya-San currently has my 18RG Airbox he is repairing for me (that is a cool story in itself, I will get to that), but he usually has REALLY COOL sh!t at his shop at any given time...

    So, this might give away what's going on with my RA43 Celica. I bought the stupideffingairbox off Ebay, spent more money than I should have. It needed some metal work, and was missing the air cleaner "Cone". I planned on adapting a later-model unit of something back in the States. So this thing looked pretty sad. I took it it to Tetsuya-san (you saw him earlier doing a burn out in that twin-turbo Chaser) to get some metal work done. He asked me where the rest of it was, and I explained to him this was all I had. Without hesitation, we jump in his Honda Kei car, and zoom though the narrow alleyways of Uruma. We stop at a pile of rubble, which was a building the day before. He rummages in the rubble, and FINDS THE MISSING PART TO THE AIRBOX!!!

    The stupid effing airbox was now the "lucky" stupid effing airbox...

    Rob, the half-Asian Geisha Princess, bought a Momo Wheel off Kinjo-San for Y3000, about thirty bucks.

    Say Hi to Ivy the Levin, everyone...

    Can I please take this VG40 Century home with me?

    ...Hell, even this one!

    Okay, I'm not a big FWD guy, but you can't deny the cool of this thing...

    Here's a nice Y32 Cedric Gran Tourismo I spotted...

    And the ubiquitous tsurikawa photo...

    That's enough for today boys and girls. I might be going to mainland next week. We'll see what I find! Merry Christmas to you guys (It's already the 26th here)...

    No, I am not sending any parts back home, don't ask.

    KFD (the Old School JDM Hunter).

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    Re: The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa.

    As always, I cringe every time I see those poor cars rotting away. :cry:

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    Re: The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa.

    Damn! And I thought New England was bad for rotting out cars.

    Nice pictures!

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    Re: The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa.

    Sorry to see all those JNC just slowly die, but great write-up. Thx! :tu:

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    Re: The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa.

    Eerrgghhhhhhh gahhh i miss oki so much i wish i never had to leave

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    Re: The misadventures of the #oldschooljdmhunter in Okinawa.

    A lot of nice pix. And here I thought the midwest was bad for rotting out cars too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Subafreak
    Damn! And I thought New England was bad for rotting out cars.

    Nice pictures!

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