Hi! Just checking in from (a currently frigid) Dallas, Texas, USA. I've been browsing these forums for a little bit now and figured I'd make an account and be legit.

I don't currently own anything nostalgic, but I've had some random stuff over the years, a Starion, a Galant VR4, and a 1974 Honda CB550. Currently daily duties are split between a 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max and a 1994 4EFTE swapped Tercel. It's the DOHC Turbo 1.3 liter from a Starlet GT and I kind of love it. Other experience is mostly with old Datsuns, just recently I helped a buddy swap an old, borked L28 for a similarly old, but slightly less borked L28 in his 280Z.

Looking forward to finding new inspirations for my next project, whatever that may be!