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Thread: Noob with 86' Honda Prelude Si

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    Noob with 86' Honda Prelude Si

    Hello all,

    Just a guy from the west that finally found my JNC for the time being: a 1986 Honda Prelude Si. Nothing special, nothing fancy, all stock. Even worse probably, auto slushbox! But for her age she is a beauty. Third owner - 1st was an elderly lady from WA who bought it original back in 86', 2nd - a Honda enthusiast from CA who only owned it 3 months but only drove for 1 month and had to sell because of a pending home mortgage loan, and 3rd - ME.

    Total mileage? Just a hair over 86k original! All paperwork from beginning included, manuals, OEM parts. Few minor door dings and some of the original pinstripe going, but engine clean, paint shiny, OEM snowflake rims, clean OEM floor mats, and no rust! AC compressor needs replacement, not to mention perhaps a conversion to r34 as well. Will stay stock classic for a while, I don't have the heart to JDM the thing out right now.

    Only additions, new set of tires (old Pirellis on them had 80% tread but were 15 years old), OEM sunroof visor, and hard-to-find OEM arm rest! Had to be semi-restored by me but came out nice.

    Regretted selling my 97' Honda Prelude back then, finally found a worthy replacement.

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    Re: Noob with 86' Honda Prelude Si

    sweet car, even though it's autotragic !

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    Re: Noob with 86' Honda Prelude Si

    Nice ride, wow that looks original

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    Re: Noob with 86' Honda Prelude Si

    Welcome aboard... :wink:
    That looks super clean and unmolested!! Hope you keep it stock - she deserves it...
    Get a proper thread up in the Honda section and treat us to some more pics...

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    Re: Noob with 86' Honda Prelude Si

    Looks super clean... nice find.

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