Hi Hondalovers,

My name is Bart, and I was born in the same era as te first generation Civic. I live in Belgium, near Antwerp. I come from a family which is realy Honda-minded. One a bit more than the other, but thank God we're all different.

I'm watching this forum since a while, and now I would like to register and participate more active. I regularly don't find the time necesarry to be very active, but I'll try.

My first car was a Civic '79 with 1.3s engine build in from a model '82. I sold this car, and regret it ever since.

I am the proud owner of 5 Honda's:

An almost oldtimer, a CRX 1 16i16v of '87, but again, because I have so little time, I almost don't drive it. But the car is kept clean and dry, so I'm sure it's OK.
The second one is a CRX as well, but this time a 1.6 V-tec '92 in 100% original state.
The third car is completely different and is rather young. It's an S2000 of '06. I only drive it when the weather is good. My goal is to keep it for as long as possible. I hope one day it 'll become an oldtimer as well.
The fourth one is a CRX 1.6 VTi with only 33000km on the counter. I bouth this car from the first owner. At this moment i ame working on the car to transform the car from a non electrical roof to a electrical one. This is a long time project....
The last one is my wife's daily, an Accord Tourer '04.

In my family we do have many more old Honda's:
1st generation
about 4 Civic '78-'79
Accord 3-doors

Civic 3rd generation 1.5 gt
Civic VTI '92
CRX del sol '92 ESI
and some CRX '86-'91 for parts

Most of these cars still drive, but aren't (yet) in perfect condition. So we still have some work to do.

With a lot of Honda's in the family, we gather a lot of spare-parts. Because of the fact that it gets harder and harder to find parts, I would like to get into contact with other Honda-lovers, to buy and sell parts, so our cars can continue to drive. As time goes by, we saved up a collection New Old Stock parts for the cars of the first generation. For my family and me it remains a hobby, maybe a little out of control ... But this way it's possible to keep our cars running...

Enjoy driving your Honda's !