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Thread: Pics of my new Nissan Sentra

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    Pics of my new Nissan Sentra

    After gettin grid of my 82 210 last year I have been on a long hunt for a new toy. Finally ended up finding a 1983 Sentra hatch in Michigan. Car is actually in good condition for 30 years old. Guy bought it in 1984 with 11K on it and was garage kept. been undercoated so the underneath is in great shape. Does have some rust but a lot less than my 90 LeSabre.
    Has almost all options but sunroof and automatic.
    Factory Tach, power steering, rear wiper, FM stereo, A/C, sport stripe paint. and has 137K miles on it. Needs good going over but will definitely be a keeper. Dont see many first gen sentras on the road anymore.

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    Re: Pics of my new Nissan Sentra

    O wow an uncracked 1st gen sentra dash, thats extremely rare!

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    Re: Pics of my new Nissan Sentra

    My wife and I bought a 2 door sedan like yours brand new in 1985. It was badged as a Nissan Sunny.
    My parents bought that same year exact same car as yours. That was a Sunny Fast back...

    We had our Sunny for 7 trouble free years and traded it on a new Fiat...... :td:
    The mistakes we make.....
    My parents upgraded theirs and bought a in 1989 a 4 door Sedan "sports" model

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