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Thread: Hakosuka Clear Headlight Covers

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    Hakosuka Clear Headlight Covers

    Here we have some replica headlight covers for the Hakosuka Skyline!

    These covers are reproduction covers made by Classic Car Nagoya. Since these are clear you can either leave them that way or paint them up like the old works Skyline racer of yore! We have a few sets of these boxed up and ready to ship at any time!

    Here's the pricing rundown:
    Price: 29,400 yen
    Shipping to USA and AU: 2,400 yen
    Shipping to UK and IE: 2,800 yen

    I've only listed four countries for reference on shipping costs. If you live in a different country, reply to this post, shoot me a PM or send an email to ccnagoyaeng at gmail dot com and I'll check on shipping to your country. The prices are all listed in yen, and as the exchange rate varies daily, please Google "XX,XXX yen to 'Your currency here'" to get an idea of the cost in your local currency.

    PMs and replies are perfectly alright, but you can also contact me via e-mail at ccnagoyaeng at gmail dot com. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    Thank you guys for looking!


    The following pictures are of a customer's Hakosuka who purchased a set from us. The pictures are borrowed from the main blog.

    1967 LT23 Mitsubishi 360 // 1967 L10A Cosmo Sports // 1971 S30 Fairlady Z // 1973 PR95 Bellett 1800 GT // 1978 PA95 Isuzu 117 Coupe // 1988 Z31 300 ZX SS // 1996 EK11 March 1.3 // 1997 AC15 Dream 50
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    Re: Hakosuka Clear Headlight Covers

    They look good lol

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    Re: Hakosuka Clear Headlight Covers

    Quote Originally Posted by DeRuX
    They look good lol
    No they don't - they look farkin' AWESOME...!! 8) :wink:
    I'm almost considering buying a set despite not even owning a Hako. :lol: :lol: :roll:

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