Hey, i am new around JNC's forum, I am from Guatemala and my ride is a Datsun Sunny truck LB120 with an A12 engine.

I hope to stick around here and show to all of you guys the progress on my project.

About my car, i bought it from 1 owner, with 69,000kms on it; mods: just a 32/36 progressive webber, original parts changes, customized lowering springs and struts on front and drop blocks on rear, stock interior, original AM sterero, :lol:

Upcoming mods; full body paint job (hopefully very soon), grant wood steering wheel, bullet chromed mirrors, engine paint job and i think it will be 100% ready to show scene.

Best regards.

This is how i bought it.. 1 owner 69,0000 Kms on it.

This how it looked with just rims added

This is how it looks right now with panasport R13 rims, waiting for a full body paint job.

and this is my project reference.

Bonus Pic (just fooling around):