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Thread: Need help with 79 corona build!!!

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    Need help with 79 corona build!!!

    Building 79' corona (rt130) I believe
    Here's everything I want to do and well
    I'm asking for either suggestions or
    Help with what cars I can get these parts
    From or how to exactly find a part for it.

    Current stage gutting car to find rust and for paint

    My backround (I've only done 2 swaps one was a d16y8 in a friends civic and one was a rb20det in my 240sx I'm still a beginner be easy past cars were 240s and a sti)

    Step one: it was automatic so what parts do I need for 5-speed swap?
    Step two: I was wanting to do a sr20det as most my knowledge is on these engine and in Southern California very easy to get along with parts. So anything I need to change out as far as pedals sensors gas tank I know ill need a fuel pump how hard is it to make a harness as well?
    Step three: lower I'd really love to drop the car on some stiff suspension never worked with old cars like this
    Step four: brakes want disc brakes all around it I could if like bigger brakes in the front

    question do I need to get higher rated axles if so where would I get them? I'd also like an LSD diff that would support power where can I find one and off of what car

    Any help would be amazing thanks in advance
    Msg me on here write on the post email call or text me!

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    Re: Need help with 79 corona build!!!

    Anyone please ?

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    Re: Need help with 79 corona build!!!

    Corona is going to have the solid rear axle, most likely T code, which is bad. You will need to locate an bigger axle, be it out of a MkI Supra or what ever. Toyota 2WD Pickups, pre-84 I believe, will also have both the F and G code axles as well. F code is th 7.5 rear axle an G code is the 8 inch rear. Either of those will take factoy LSDs from other axles of the same code or have aftermarket options. Truck axles will be five lug, so either swap fronts to 5 lug, adapters or get new axles made in 4 lug. The MkI Supra axle will be 4 lug and the cheaper/easier of the two to swap in.
    For lowering, check with T3 as lot of the celica parts should be swappable to your chassis.

    For a 5 speed swap(in the toyota family) tranny from donor, pedals from another donor, driveshaft from donor as well. I have celicas and cressidas, so I don't know the exact parts, but it seems that the W58 out of a MkIII Supra is what you are looking for. You will also need the front half of the supra's driveshaft as the manual driveshaft is a different length from your auto driveshaft. Pedals are whatevery you can fab to work. Again, look at either the MkI or MkII supra for those.

    Bigger brakes, get a tape measure and head to the junkyard... That is about all you will find easily. Alot of the early toyota fron discs mount to the rear of the hub, so that makes it a bit easier there. Again, look for the MkI supra or any straight six powered toyota. They are going to be the most likely donors with bigger brakes.

    Biggest thing, is what motor you are putting in there? SR20, most of what I said above will be a moot point. W58 won't work with the SR20 without major fabrication. Also, non-Toyota transmission means custom driveshaft. Your engine will dictate alot of what your later choices are. If you are looking for more power, go with a 2JZ NA motor. They came in the lexus GS 300, SC 300 and the Supra, so they should be plentiful to find. It is a Toyota engine, so a lot of off the shelf parts will work for you. Need more power? slap a turbo on it and go with haltech, megasquirt etc for management. JZ to W58 adapter bellhousings are easy to come by both used and new. Stick within the Toyota family and you will have alot less headaches and a more cash saved.

    Also, do a bit of searching on google and here. The corona is not the most built Toyota, but somebody has to have done it before...

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    Re: Need help with 79 corona build!!!

    Oh yeah, you have your steps messed up too.. start with the suspension and get that up to speed. Then decide on your motor and tranny upgrades.

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