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Thread: Hello From The Bay

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    Hello From The Bay

    So I might as well get this first post out of the way, but anyway, hello from the Bay Area, more specifically Fremont.
    I'm Braulio. Some of you may know me from or as my photography name, Braxen Photography.
    Anyway, I joined this forum in hopes of finding a first gen Prelude or at least parts as well as wheels. Some would say I have a bit of a wheel hoarding problem... Hopefully I can contribute to members here as well as I'm out at the local junk yards quite a lot. If anyone needs anything let me know. :tu:

    Only thing "nostalgic" in my life at the moment is my '73 Honda CB500F moto.
    Guess I'll also be one of the younger members here as well, considering I'm only 18 haha.

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    Re: Hello From The Bay

    Welcome to the forums. I too have owned many classic japanese motorcycles. If you see some slim bumpers for a toyota te27 or any other like car, give me a PM.

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