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Thread: Tied of Cali smog...

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    Tied of Cali smog...

    I have always had a passion for old school Japanese cars and my luck with mechanics working on my current 2005 Rally red evo 8 rs has been horrible.. every time i have a failure or malfunction it cost me a big chunk of change. Lately I've been really contemplating about getting rid of my EVO.. there are a couple of old schools that i really like such as the Datsun 510, the s30 Fairlady Z but i Really love and want a TE27 Levin..any way My Name is Rudy and I'm from Sacramento Area and just wanted to say Hi

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    Re: Tied of Cali smog...

    Well rudy you are kinda in luck. I seem to find the best deals and all my oldschool car purchases in and around Sac. If you check CL I saw a te27 on for around 4k, but it had a mazda 12a rotary. Happy hunting.
    Oh yea- CA smog does suck!

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