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Thread: KE70 + 4age help!

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    KE70 + 4age help!

    hi all!!!

    i am new here so bear with me... i have a ke70 corolla i have had it for about a year now.. i picked up a 4age 16V and want to put it in ... the first thing i need to know is gearbox!! i know the t50 out of a ae86 fit !! BUT i was also told that there is a k50 box out of one of the starlets that has a bell housing that will meet up to the 4age!! as the k50 is cable that is the route i would want to take!!

    If someone out there could shed some light on this that would be rad!!

    oh and 4age ke70 built threads welcome!!

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    If you go here, you will find a million KE70/AE71's with 4AGE's. Australian based site.

    A better site is

    but not so focused on your actual area of interest.

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    Are you saying you want to keep your k series tranny and mate it with the 4A-GE, why would you want to, the T50 is a stronger tranny and would be better to use.

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    I don't imagine your gearbox will last long if you go down your preferred path - please get yourself a T-series gearbox and convert to hydraulic clutch.

    rollaclub or ae86driversclub both have enough information for you to be able to figure how to do the conversion. its pretty simple.

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