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Thread: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

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    Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    So i have been on here a while but been watching some thread some feed back but not put one up of my own car, checking out a few. Now i am start one up from when i got it to now

    Back story
    Well i have owned a few Rx4 over the years now! Got my first one we i was 17 and had one ever since. So 15 years on 6 later this is my latest car

    I got this Rx4 as my old car got defected and had lots of modification done to it and lots of little bits and pieces missing. and the first replacement shell was not as good as first thought

    This was a good example to start my fresh rebuild with and out of 6 or more car which i checked out this was the best with no major damage (most of the other had major chassis damage and smoky motors) and was running but had a defect on it but it did have the s3 rear end on it but i just wanted a car to drive so it come home with me

    here are some photos of how it was the day i got it, it was drivable but i wanted to get it looking sweet

    It was the cleanest body Rx4 for sale at the time, straight body and chassis, had a 13b bridge port Rx4 motor, weber, vinyl roof and was complete but the car was in some need of some some TLC to get it where i wanted it

    i also did like the look of the vinal roof lining

    Now the rebuild started the day i got it home and started to stripper her down to change the colour of the interior from brown to Black.
    Changing the suspension over to my already rebuilt and new stuff i was using in another project and getting it ready to clear Regency ( which the as the same as a road worthy in other states ) as the car had a defect on it when i bought it

    So in my small shed space i pulled a few off and started repairing and paint things

    Not long after this we got our first new home so i had to pack up ever thing up so i could move into this beauty of a shed

    Which i filled filled up very quickly with both my Rx4's

    the old bridge port motor only had about 6000km or so on it when i got it and i only put a few 100 more on it before i ripped it out
    and sold it to a guy in Newcastle with the ported manifold and lightened flywheel

    then i peeped my Fully rebuilt 13Bt series 4 block which was rebuilt about 1999 (got to put about 10,000km on it) before it sat around for 3-4 years while i was getting a body sorted out for it

    New Engine specs
    Rx7 s4 turbo motor
    Large extent ported
    race modified gears and installed window bearings bearings
    2mm Mazda seals
    12a turbo front cover
    12a turbo water pump housing
    brand new oil lines
    Weber S4 manifold which is port match the the inlet ports
    (old spec: 48mm weber with bigger jets)
    K&N air filter
    series 4 alternator which was fully polished by me then had it rebuilt
    installed the gilmer belt drive
    lightened flywheel which a heavy duty clutch pressure plate (balanced together) and a standard type clutch plate)
    and a few more chrome bits that i could not polish

    This is the engine bay almost finished but i decided that i had been waiting too long to drive the car i didn't paint the engine bay (5 year and 3 cars)

    This is the only pic i got the the original interior, had brown dash, door trims, back seat, had so old bucket seat which were stuffed

    Black dash in with My Recaro's bucket seats, black door trims, black centre console, Rx7 s2 steering wheel

    Black Recaros seats
    Black re-trimmed dash
    New black carpet
    New seat belts
    Black head lining
    Good condition black center consol
    Re-trimed sun visors and front pillar trims
    New front seat belts

    The gearbox
    was changed over from a rx4 4 speed to a supra 5 speed which was been fully rebuilt with[/quote]

    Supra 5 speed Specs
    New sincros
    New shifter bushes
    Bead blasted housing
    New rubber gearbox cross member mounts from Mazda
    I Polished the dellor gearbox bell housing
    Chromed the clutch fork
    Brand new starter motor
    Custom gearbox mount with new supra rubber mount

    Installed the rebuilt 2 piece tail shaft which was balanced up to 4000 RPM

    This was the rebuilt suspension which has been all powder coated it Black of red and had a few small things ( brackets and some bolts) chromed and got stuck in to polishing what i could from my other project
    Lowered Front springs powder coated red
    Koni Red front shocks
    K-Mac adjustable strut tops
    New super Pro bushes through out
    New ball joints
    New Tie rod outer (inner were ok at the time)
    New pitman arm
    2in new lower rear leafs with extra leaf and anti tramp half springs

    Brakes Upgrade and sway bar
    Twin sway bar kit powdered coated red
    Rebuilt brake booster and master cylinder
    R31 skyline brake calipers (polished) and rebuilt on custom mounting brackets
    626 vented disks bolted to standard hubs
    Braided brake lines front (ADR approved)

    the front end stuff

    Polished front calipers (R31 calipers with 626 rotors) and braided brake lines , black powdered struts, red powdered springs and sway bars

    The Diff, rear suspension and brakes
    Standard diff with drum brakes
    kyb rear shocks
    16mm rear sway bar add to the rear powder coated red

    twin system with extended primary's, 2 resies one in each twin pipe collecting just before the diff
    Turbo rota flow rear muffler

    Cooling system
    new 4 core radiator
    twin thermo fans

    This was it ! took about 6 months to get all done and took the car to get the defect cleared (a road worthy). It was a good day as it passed the first time and got comments for the inspectors and keep the noise level down just @ 97db ( that was with a restrictor plate in the rear section before the rota flow muffler) but a pass is a pass

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    So after the car was registered i puts some k's on it and then went and took some photos

    gave the car a good detail inside and out

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Good to see the old girl on here Matt! I didn't know it was a brown trim car! Did you get through regency with the 48IDA?

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    one of the best colours on a 4 imo 8)

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Quote Originally Posted by Garant
    one of the best colours on a 4 imo 8)

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Quote Originally Posted by jdmrx2
    Good to see the old girl on here Matt! I didn't know it was a brown trim car! Did you get through regency with the 48IDA?
    Yeah i finally got a thread up---- now time for the real updates :P

    Yep brown interior, it was the only colour trim choice with the colour D8 (Olive Metallic or Jewel Green depending on which colour chart you look at. which is factory colour code) from my knowledge. also with the colour D9 Alexandrite gold metallic (same as my original coupe colour) was brown . white was a mix between black and brown

    It went through as the pics in second post :twisted: weber was not a issue as its a 1/74 car = pre emissions and they could not do any thing about it

    Quote Originally Posted by Oracles
    Quote Originally Posted by Garant
    one of the best colours on a 4 imo 8)
    Cheers guys i do really love the colour and with the white vinyl roof it just sets it off

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Then after about 1 year i decided to put my fuel injection on just before a Big cruse (100+ rotary's and other cars) which ment i had to pull my finger out!! i only gave my self 2 months to do it

    Which is

    Injection perfection 50mm manifold which was polished by me and then had some new seal and bearings
    custom adapter plate for the K&N air filter
    4x s4 550cc injectors
    Ram pods
    Fuel rail
    Malpassie rising rate reg with 1 1/2 in Autometre pressure gauge
    Carter 7psi pre pump
    2 Lt surge tank
    Bosch 044 high pressure pump
    Microtech MTX-8 computer
    Quad coils on custom bracket
    Polished CAS

    it looking a bit messy while installing it

    A shot or the custom K&N adaptor and coil bracket

    A finished shot of the injection

    Get it all done and tuned in time for the cruise. Ended up with 121-126kw at the rear wheels

    some pics from the cruise and meet spot... Man these were the good old days in the rotary scene in Little old Adelaide

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Simply stunning...!! 8)
    Awesome colour and even better with that off-white vinyl roof. :tu:
    Great stance too...

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    so i have forgotten about this thread and not finished my updates so i will continue where i left off

    I decided that after our wedding in 2008 and our honeymoon to Europe i had 1 week before i went back to work so i went and got a price to clean up my old rims that were powered coated white originally.

    Them on my original Rx4 when they were white

    16in performance FX5 rims
    Goodyear Eagle F1 G3 front
    Goodyear Eagle F1 rear

    They had been paint stripped (alkalined stripped) but one was found to be pouris and i had let them sit for 4 years thinking
    that it would cost a shit load to fix.

    This is them installed on one side only paint stripped

    So i took them back to the Performance rims and they repaired them on the spot (at no charge) and quoted me $60 a rim for powder coating and to machine the lip so they all got dropped off and in 3 days they returned looking like this but only cost me $50 a rim 8)

    Installed with new tires Goodyear Eagle F1 G3 on front and old Goodyear Eagle F1 on rear as they were in my shed with only 500km on them

    Getting them installed

    The finished product

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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    so then started the upgrades with all the parts i had accumulated over the years, starting with the drive line from the motor back

    Now some more upgrades are going in

    New lighten billet flywheel
    Excedy heavy duty pressure plate
    4 puk sprung center clutch plate
    New clutch master cylinder
    New clutch slave cylinder
    And already has a braided line
    Front 24mm race swaybar (new) getting paint stripped and powdered coated red

    new flywheel all bolted up

    clutch braided line

    A rebuilt rx4 diff with all casting marks removed and brake line cover then all powdered coated black

    Rx7 s3 rear brake conversion fully rebuilt

    Rear Brakes
    Rx7 s3 rebuilt calipers
    Rx7 s3 rear vented disks re-drilled to 4x110
    Custom alloy mount brackets
    Modified Rx4 hand brake cables

    Got my braided line for the rear back

    just got to install and bleed them

    a pic of the hard line on the diff

    I also got new spring saddle rubbers coming for it to so its all nice and fresh back their

    And i also found out that my steering box is shagged (which is the only thing in the front end that was not rebuilt)
    So rebuilding or buying a change over one

    Old steering box as it looked before rebuilding it

    Rebuilt steering box with new steering joint, new bearing, gaskets and painted the pitman arm again as it was looking a bit average

    My Brake booster Painted up, new stainless steel sleeved master cylinder and modified for rear disks

    And brake booster/master back in the car just have to do a final bleed

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