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Thread: 1972 Japanese Grand Prix

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    1972 Japanese Grand Prix

    Hi all, I'm a student at BU taking a course on Japanese Culture Through Film. Our final paper is a short screenplay on a topic of our choice and my first thought was of the 1972 Grand Prix and the RX-3 stopping the GT-R. It was always one of my favorite car stories as a kid and I definitely think is as important as say, Ford and Ferrari's famous rivalry at Le Mans. Unfortunately there's next to no information on the topic other than a short Wikipedia blurb on the RX-3 page. I'm not really worried about having sources since it's a creative project but I do want to ensure I give the cars, drivers, and race itself the respect it deserves.

    Thanks to a very kind member of the Mazdaspeed team I was able to get a hold of the book Never Stop Challenging which has done a great job of filling me in on the key players and even the picture of when the RX-3 passed the GT-R on the bank.

    Since I can't get video of the actual race I'll probably have to dramatize to fill in the gaps of information I do know, which is where I'd humbly ask your help. If y'all could give me an idea of the spirit of the cars, which was lighter, which had more grunt etc. I'd be very grateful.

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    Re: 1972 Japanese Grand Prix

    Sweet videos. Thanks for posting. Do you happen to have any of period correct race corollas in the 1972-1978ish era?

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