Okay, so some may have read through my build thread on the Celica and know I've rebuilt the 22R. It's a pretty basic build with a bunch of LC Engineering bits and bobs, such as the EFI Pro cam and an adjustable timing gear. The head has been decked 0.020" recently and may have been previously skimmed, so there's a little bit of meat taken out, but nothing drastic.

I've got the engine installed and running smoothly after sorting a couple of pesky coolant leaks and took it for a drive up the street and noticed it feels pretty gutless above about 3,000rpm, which has led me back to speculating whether I got the cam timing right or if it happened to skip a tooth on the crank gear while I was installing the head. I also noticed that the exhaust coming out of the tailpipe is flowing at quite a high rate to what I'm used to. I'm not too sure if that's just because it's the factory exhaust pipe (1 3/4") with this uprated camshaft or if this is related to the possibility of cam timing being out. I've not yet been able to check the ignition timing (don't have a timing light on hand, unfortunately) to see if that's any part of the issue, but I figured the easiest way to check the cam timing would be to just see if any other 22R nuts would either know or be able to check to see if the marks on my cam pulley and timing chain look correct. The engine is sitting at TDC in the following picture:

If it helps at all, you can just see the little nub in the middle of the front rocker tower which is pretty much the centre-line of the cam itself. I tried to line the camera up as close as possible to this line to show the offset of the bright link in the chain and the timing mark on the pulley.

I'll put a timing light on it as soon as I can get a hold of one, but if anyone is able to double check this for me in the meantime, it'd put my mind at rest, haha. Thanks guys.