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Thread: another J tin fan from the UK

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    another J tin fan from the UK

    Hi. my name is Barry and i work on classic cars for a living. 1950's / 1960's Jaguars. mainly C types D types E types and XK's.

    i have had many Japanese cars over the years including a '76 Toyota (RA28) GT. a '78 Toyopet (that is what was on the badge) Corona Mk2 Grande. Mazda 626 MK1 (Montrose) a four door and a two door. Honda Civic EG6 (i used as a daily for 6 years). two MK1 CRX's (ten tears apart). a Honda S2000 plus others i forget.

    in my teens i used to smoke around in a '68 Barracuda with a 318 and four speed manual gearbox. iv'e had Fords, Renaults, Fiats over the years but now it is Just J tin i have.

    at present i have a '88 Honda Accord as a daily, a Honda S800 as a project (fitting a S2000 engine) and a Datsun 120Y (B210) Coupe with a Mazda engine to use while the S800 is being built.

    can you tell i'm a bit of a car nut

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    Welcome to JNC, and you MUST post pics of the S800 project. That is just insanity!

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    Welcome home. Post pics of your rides!! :wink:

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