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Thread: Are there Coupe 7 or 9 owners who need new front strut tops?

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    Are there Coupe 7 or 9 owners who need new front strut tops?

    For all the Coupe 7 & 9 owners out there, I'm organising a run of reconditioned front strut tops. You will need to send me some old tops to be re-rubbered.
    The price will be $220/pair + whatever it costs you to post them to me.

    As this is a part that seems to fail quite commonly and they are apparently not easy to come by in good condition, surely there are a few people out there wanting some. I've got 5 people from the coupe1300 mailing list but there may be people here not on that list.

    If you are interested, please let me know as I hope to get this underway within the next couple of weeks.

    Also if there is anybody out there with some spare dead strut tops that they don't want I'd be prepared to buy them from you.

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    Re: Are there Coupe 7 or 9 owners who need new front strut t

    I do not need strut tops, but would like to see pics of the Coupe! Neko.

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