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Thread: Fox from Norway

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    Fox from Norway


    Fox, here. Have a 1975 Mazda 616, aka 1600 Capella.
    Work/Partner in a Workshop who builds cars to handicapped.

    First owner of my car died in 1980, the car was inherited by his son.
    He had mental retardation or something, so he didn't have driver license.
    So the car was only driven by people who helps him around in the town where he lived.
    He died in May this year and I bought the car from the estate after him.

    107.000 km on odo now. I love untouched cars, you now what you get.


    Front lip, lowering and 15" old school wheels. Thats it.

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    Re: Fox from Norway

    Welcome to the forum!
    It's great to see more Scandinavians here... :wink:

    Your Mazda sounds cool.
    Start a thread - we want pics... :tu:

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