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Thread: New Guy from Waukesha Wisconsin

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    New Guy from Waukesha Wisconsin

    New guy checking in... Just picked up a Red 1988 Conquest TSI 23k miles and figured I would join the site! Lots of cool rides by the way I have been looking at the site for some time but wanted to wait to join till I had a JNC of my own. I'll try and add some pics when she arrives tomorrow... I tried to add some pics from the guy I got it from but site says Invalid Image :cry: ??? Oh well I'll sort it out tomorrow :wink:

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    Re: New Guy from Waukesha Wisconsin

    Better late than never, but Welcome! I used to live in New Berlin. Might take a JNC roadtrip in the summer in one of my cars back out there for a week or so to see family and friends.

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