This is an event that I've been participating in since it's inception over 6 years ago. The event is also in collaboration with the local fire dept., the local fire fighter's association, and the local teacher's association. The event allows less fortunate and/or homeless children to enjoy unwrapping a gift for this coming holiday season. Even though I realize times are hard for most of us, myself included, there are still those who are less fortunate. With that said, in order to participate, all you'd need is to bring an unopened toy donation, and you can "show" your car at the event. Awards will be given as well during the event. The time will be from 11am-5pm, and the location is at Logan High School in Union City. If you wish to just drop off a toy donation, those will be gladly accepted as well! So, if you'd like to make a child's smile be even bigger this holiday, pass by! Thank you for your time and looking forward to meeting you there!!