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Thread: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

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    A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Aloha JNC'ers! I started this build thread on Ratsun. I'm copying and pasting it here to share my Datsun love affair with you guys. Some names in this first post are Ratsun-specific. But it will just be a build thread after the intro. Thanks, I look forward to meeting more Datsun fanatics to help me in my journey!

    Aloha! I am a carpenter in Hawaii who has been dreaming of getting another Datsun wagon off and on for the last couple decades. I had a 72 510 wagon in high school. Red, mint condition, Stock except for Pirelli tires, Alpine cassette and sheepskin seat covers. Best car I ever owned. Wish I would've never sold her. That was 1990. I thought about 510 wagons off and on casually ever since then. Owned lots of trucks, old Toyotas, Hondas, and Volvo wagons.
    These last six months, I had a stash of cash set aside and began obsessively searching out a wagon to buy. We're talking Craigslist/cars for sale/ "Datsun" bookmarks on my iPhone in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, LA and small towns in between. Checking them for new cars more often than any sane person would dare. In the middle of building cabinets and eating dinner with my family, Haha! I wanted something that needed work, but was not too far gone or incomplete. Had to be Datsun, a wagon, stick and RWD. I lean a little more towards stock, not really a race car type of guy. Although I love to read all of the different builds and sagas on Ratsun.
    I saw a ton, called on a dozen, wasted several peoples time. Became good txt-message-Ratsun buddies with JustJoel. I would send him pictures and he would respond with his stoic commonsense opinions and advice. I won't go into details on all the close calls, harebrained ideas. But we pictured ourselves as distant operatives collaborating on an undercover mission. Back of cargo van microphone-type stuff. But our mission was the procurement of decent, worthwhile Datsun wagons for sale. That could be transported to Hawaii through a web of old friends and family I have scattered around the west coast.
    Ended up communicating with RaceNeely about a SSS 411 sedan he had for sale. I know it's not a wagon, some times these things are tempting. I let him know I was pretty much holding out for a wagon and he said he might have a 65' coming up for sale. I expressed my interest and he gave me first shot on it. Apparently the previous owners had a problem with the distributor. Took out the battery, put it in a shipping container in 1997. Pulled it back out in 2013 and sold it to RaceNeely. After yzing the pictures, it looked very complete with little corrosion and a lot of potential. I was unfamiliar with the 410\411, And still am. The parts are definitely more rare than the cars that came after it. But, gosh darn it, it is a cute little car! I agreed to buy the car, RaceNeely was really great to work with, and even delivered the car from LA area to the San Diego dock to be shipped to me in Hawaii. He even got registration and all the notarized BS paperwork together on his end to make it happen. I met my Tow truck driver down at the docks in Hilo this morning, did I mention it hasn't started since 1997. I shot a lot of Pics while I waited for him, And got to rummage around and inspect everything. The car is even cleaner and in better condition than I thought it would be. I know it will be months of weekends working through all the mechanical chores that I have to do. We got the car safely 70 miles to my home. The car is now resting from her 4000 mile trip in my shed.
    I know what you JNC guys like. Less words, more Pics!!!

    The first time she saw sunlight in 17 years. Sacramento, California.

    First time I saw her in Hawaii. A truck driver stopped his truck got out and told me a story about his 620 pick up that he loves. He suggested upgrading to an electronic distributor. Haha!

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Got her home.

    Fixed up this old shed while she was sailing here. Plywood floor and patched and Tyveked the roof.

    Couldn't help but try a little cut and buff on the original paint.

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Solid floorboards!

    Interior is complete and will be an easy refresh.

    My boy getting in on the action

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Stripped the head, tranny and accessories off the block. Had a strong Hawaiian friend come over after work and we pulled the engine with a steel bar used in landscaping called an O'O.

    Have contemplated lots of swaps a16, l20b, ka24 hell SR20 sounds fun. But in the end this push-rod 1200cc is going to the machine shop for a full rebuild.

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    It looks good, very cool car. There is a 411 for sale here locally and nobody is buying it and it's killing me. If only I had the money/time/space for it.

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Nice clean wagon! Looks like you're in Kamuela or Kohala???

    There was a nice 411 in Maui that I think finally went to the mainland: ... -bluebird/

    Looking forward to your progress!

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Im in Waimea/Kamuela. So I got the bay down to here.

    Got crazy with grinder and drill-mounted wire wheels and some sandpaper until I was down to 90% bare metal. Shaved the battery tray, heater delete. Filled random holes. Brushed entire front clip inside and out with Corraseal, rust converter/metal primer(turns iron oxide to magnetite

    Then spent several nights after work with bondo, filler primer and glazing putty. With lots of fine paper and scotch rite pads.
    Just hit it with 2 coats of battleship grey.

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    Re: A 410 Goon moves to Hawaii...

    Mega-cool little wagon!! 8)
    Such a charming design and looks like a solid project too...
    So what are your plans? Original spec or restomod?
    Will you respray the whole car? If so, which colour?
    Looking forward to follow this thread as it's fuel for my wagon-dream... :wink:

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