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Thread: new mx63 from nc

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    new mx63 from nc

    Just purchased a cressy and after tons of research..really starting to think this car has the potiential to be what im looking for...ive been intrested in the drift scene for a while..but havent had the drive to get one..after watching one of my best friends build a 83 carolla wagon from a ol carburated model and swap in a 4ge ive been hooked ever new to this forum but all help and critics are appriceiated..looking for a place to get info and someone fo say "hey...your doin it wrong"..hope ill get that here...but picture of my build coming tommorow as for some reason it wont let me add my photos..

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    Re: new mx63 from nc

    Car right now is pretty much stock...besides the supra wheels..and the primer job i did yesterday..looking into building the 5mge thats under the hood..maybe a turbo in the next couple of.months..but slamming the car and wheels this weekend..really wish i could get yall the pics up..

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