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Thread: 1993 honda civic eg5 turbo

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    1993 honda civic eg5 turbo

    hey people,

    i noticed some latre model honda's popping up so thought i would contribute

    this is my project thats been in the making for the best part of four years now. bought the car stanard when i was 19. i do all my own work apart from mapping.

    currently in the process of build a fully forged D16 for drag purposes, block macining is being carried out by scholar engines and head machining by grace engineering. the motor will be re-assembled by myself lot:


    D2racing coilovers
    D2racing camber kits
    ASR rear subframe brace
    NRG strut braces
    ITR anti-rollbars
    Prelude 282mm brake conversion
    Rota 15" curcuit 8's
    Yokohama prada spec2 tyres


    D16Z6 stock
    miniram turbo manifold
    bullseye power T3/T4 charger
    3" downpipe
    3" custom cat-back
    2.5" charge pipping
    tial 50mm BOV
    tial 38mm wastegate
    precision 525cc injectors
    walbro 255lh fuel pump
    ACT SSXT clutch
    katien 8.8lbs flywheel
    skunk2 inlet manifold
    lagre FMIC
    ARP head studs
    AEM wideband

    engine management:

    currently running a chipped OBD1 P28 with crome pro, tuned to 11psi. all tuning was carried out by craig at


    282bhp @ 7860rpm
    243whp @ 7804rpm
    207lbft @ 6233rpm


    ive been waiting for a dry day but i got bored, its was pretty dry just a little damp and greasy so i lost all traction in 1st and a bit in 2nd.


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    pretty clean man i like it

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    Is that considered nostalgic already?

    nice car though. :tu:

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    cheers guys.

    i dont think it does class as nostalgic yet, its 16 years old, i dont know what age it has to be before to be nostalgic though.


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    We typically say that a car is nostalgic if the first year of a particular generation is 25 years or older. :tu:

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