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    wheel info

    never really seen this wheel but seen many styles of them... google search turns up very very little.. just wondered if anyone knew anything about them?? just curious about there history i guess you could say

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    Re: wheel info

    Front of the wheel says it all really - the Super Star Racing, Air Stage. Not to be confused with Speed Star Racing (SSR), but another 80's classic.
    Very very rare wheel to find complete, if at all.. but did see two sets on ebay US recently.

    interestingly, those particular wheels in the photo are the smallest I've ever seen them!

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    Re: wheel info

    Yeah from what ive read there hasn't i guess you could say a confirmed set in 4x100 or in 13 which is what these are.. Im contemplating having them re barreled as well staying 13 but going wider... and if not there for sure going through the refurb process..

    Also thanks for actually answering one of my curioustys.. Someone had said the were a by product of ssr which i wasn't sure about.. awkwardly though no real markings on the barrel or back of the face

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