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Thread: Nagasaki Japan Car Yards, Car Wreckers, Workshops etc ??

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    Nagasaki Japan Car Yards, Car Wreckers, Workshops etc ??

    Hi there a friend of mine is heading over to Japan for 2 weeks and is going to be based in Nagasaki if anyone on here can reccomend any old school car yards, car wreckers, auto accessory shops etc etc that are worth checking out that would be much appreciated and I will pass the info onto him.

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    Good luck

    Hello, I am not sure about Nagasaki Japan but I am in Tokyo Fussa area and I have been here for around a year now and have had very little luck finding any such places and any that I have been able to find do not like dealing too much with foreigners. It is very difficult to find any old cars over here and if you do find them they want an arm and a leg for them. Good luck on it. If you are wanting to find any cars over here I would suggest and select the area maybe you will get lucky and find an old school dealer but you need to have a translator to talk to them. If you need any more info PM me I can try to help as much as possible

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    wow, I didn't know it was that difficult finding cars in Japan. I guess nostalgic cars are getting pretty exclusive these days.

    Good for the folks here :P

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