So, after working on my KP61 project for about 2,5 years, and still not finishing, it was time to stop, and part it out. I had been working on the car on and off, having big plans for it, but ultimately not the space and time to work on it. Plan was to put a 4AGE in it, N2 widebody, and various parts i had bought over the years.

I bought a set of 13" SSR MK3's a few years ago (or so i thought, they actually turned out to be 14"). I didnt want to sell these wheels, as they are the only set i know of in this country.

I made a list of cars 3 i could buy, so i could still use a lot of the parts i had bought for the KP61. The KE70 Corolla, A35 Charmant and the TA60 Carina.
It didnt take long before i found a TA60 to my liking, so i bought it after i sold my S13 daily.

It does have a few bad spots, but its nothing compared to the state the KP61 was in when i started working on it. It has a few bad spots, but nothing i can't fix .

First thing i did was bolt my Nardi in the car, the steeringwheel that had been in almost all of my cars .

The previous owner thought it was a good idea to put some green striping on the car. My girlfriend and i both agreed that this would have to be removed as soon as possible.

So then came the job of refurbishing the wheels that had been laying around the house for the last 2,5 years. I found out that the 2 rear wheels are not exactly the same. One face sticks out further than the other, and the dish isnt the same shape. Fortunately the width and offset are the same, so they will go on the car anyway .

The beginning:

Comparison after sanding:

All dishes done :cheer: :

And the endresult:

Note that the valves and bolts havent been mounted on the pics, they are now.

Just today i dropped the wheels and tires off at a local garage to have them mounted, and i will be picking them up tomorrow.

On the KP61, i was using AE86 frontstruts, converted to coilovers with T3 stuff, including topmounts. On the rear i have what i believe to be AE86 rear springs and KYB AGX shocks. I will transfer these to the Carina. I have ordered some 6082T6 aluminium to make up adapterplates so i can still use the KP61 camberplates. I know it would be easier to buy new ones that fit, but this is cheaper :P.

I got a few more plans with this car, which include swapping the 4AGE from the KP61, and the AE86 LSD which is also in the KP61. Also plan on a respray in the original color.

I came across this one during my search for inspiration, and i realy like the look of it.

Now there are a few things i still have to figure out. Can i use the TA60 brakesetup on the AE86 frontstrut? Is the TA60 axlestub identical to the AE86, or would i have to swap the TA60 discs to the AE86 hubs? As i dont have a complete AE86 brakesetup, i want to do this as a temporary fix, it it fits.