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Thread: Decent car alarm

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    Decent car alarm

    Anyone have any leads on a decent alarm for a JNC? Something simple with a remote is what Iím after.

    I don't mind doing some wiring, but I don't want to hack into the harness much if I can avoid it.

    Amperage draw may need to be considered too. The battery in my DR look's smaller than the one in a Miata... :shock:

    What's everyone using?

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    well basicly any alarm will do it all depends wat your looking for in featers and how much your willing to spend..
    i payed $55 for mine its a audiofonics ADF-223. it has all the featurs i was looking for its kinda big but i dont mind cuz it has all the relays built in so i dont have to worry about wiering up external realys that pleg the smaller units and its was easy to wier up it even has an option to install a glass brake sensor.. in my opinion all alarms do the same sh!t unlock,lock, make loude nois.. but any alarm would be good but it all depends on the feturs you want...

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    Re: Decent car alarm

    i just found out that bulldog security has this car alarms with two wire hook up. After 10 mins of installation, you can now activate the built in current and shock sensor, car finder and full time panic button from the convenient 4-button remote.

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