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Thread: Difference between corona MX10 and RX12?

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    Difference between corona MX10 and RX12?

    Hi guys,

    I recently crashed my mark 2 corona up the back of a ute... Not happy hey.

    Anyway, i'm well aware that parts are virtually non exsistent but i will endeavour to hunt them down anyway..

    The left and right panels are pretty bad and the hood is warped - now i managed to track down a guy in malaysia who can track down RX12 parts.

    Now i know there tends to be a lot of variations across the models and so my question is, will the hood, panels, grille ect all fit?

    Any info help would be so great, especially if anyone knew of any wrecking coronas mark 2's. I am located in sydney - but at this point i dont care how expensive shipping. Thanks

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    Re: Difference between corona MX10 and RX12?

    hi im raypul i have an mx12 and mx22 and while im trying to find a power steering box for my mx22 i got in contact with nakazoto he lives in japan .though they didnt have power steering box he showed a couple of photos of mx22 and rx20 .you try to contact him on jnc on auction something.if you know of a power steering box please let me know

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    Re: Difference between corona MX10 and RX12?

    Don't quote me on this as I am more familiar with the 2 door hardtops. The main differences between the MX10 and RX12 was the engine. The MX Sedans had a M series straight 6 cylinder engine, the RX Sedans had an R series 4 cylinder engine. Because of this the engine bay on the MX Sedans was a little longer to accommodate the longer engine. In regards to the MX20 and RX20 Series coupes they share the same front fenders and lower valence and headlight buckets, but that is about it that the two share together in removable body panels. The hood, grille, and radiator support I know for a fact are different.... What parts are you looking for and where are you located? I am pretty sure the MX10 sedans share the same front end parts as the MX20-23 coupes as well as the wagons. What year is your car because earlier models had differences as well? I have a hood and wiper valance cover that are rust free from a 73 Coupe, I might be persuaded to sell.... and I might be able to put you in touch with someone who has the matching grille, radiator panel, and upper support... but it kind of depends on where you are and how much it would be to ship everything.

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    Re: Difference between corona MX10 and RX12?

    That's a shame bud, I haven't started hoarding parts for these chassis' yet but will have to start soon - there was a complete sedan in pieces for sale a while ago in Adelaide, I would hit up toymods, rollaclub, ebay, import monster myself and just keep searching. Unfortunately I've only had the coupe a few weeks so not too savvy there

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    Re: Difference between corona MX10 and RX12?

    mark IIs came with 18rg engine outside USA. In usa, they used the m2 and m4 engines, which are 6cyl aside from that everything should be similiar for each code..

    rx10 = mx10 minus engine...

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