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Thread: SUBARU ff-1 chassis number(VIN)

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    SUBARU ff-1 chassis number(VIN)

    Hello mate,
    I am located in Greece and I am looking to find some ff-1 ,here in Greece,as restoration project.
    To be noted that the greek importer closed.
    I have many years to see some SUBARU ff-1 on the greek roads.
    To find where is located some old one(via the transportation ministry), I need to have the chassis number(VIN codes)of all SUBARU ff-1s imported to Greece.
    Feel free to let me know where to ask these infos and give me some useful email of the factory.
    Best regards,

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    Re: SUBARU ff-1 chassis number(VIN)

    Finally I found some VIN numbers of ff1s, here in Greece.
    Now I am looking for NOS and used parts for the 4door ff1(1968-1971) as well as for the Leone of first generation (1972-1979).
    Furthermore,any book,manual,brochure,leaflet,schema,etc,in pdf form is welcomed.
    I am looking,also,for the WEBER intake manifold for the ff1 engine.
    Thanks in advance.

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