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Thread: 76 RA23 Celica LT

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    76 RA23 Celica LT

    Well, this is the last one to make it online, but the first one I picked up. How you see it here is how it sits today, another one of those things which just got put on the backburner time and time again.

    Picked it up in 2010 from a young guy who'd shipped it over from the east coast with the intention of patching it over and dropping a JZ in the front. He'd put a fair bit of time and money into getting a hold of this one, and was assured it was all complete, minor defects and recent mechanical work. We've all heard that before. It was in fact complete and running well, however what the seller neglected to mention were the kilos of body filler packed into the chassis - which went unnoticed by the poor lad on purchase thanks to a heavy dose of chicken wire in the bog... This car was actually my most expensive purchase of all three, but I copped it happily after seeing what I could've wound up with had I bought an already built the poor fella found out with the next one he bought already *restored* :/

    These pics are from when he first got it.

    The major plus was when I got it it was bare metal and could see all of the holes, and as I was looking for a full resto anyway a complete car in pieces made sense. Well, as much as anything I do makes sense :P The 18R-G "apparently" had rings and bearings done prior and packs twin solex's and a manual, actually can't remember if it's a 4 or 5 speed, and was running well save for a bit of timing chain rattle.

    Here she sits now, not looking much better.

    At one point I was about to sell all of these and start afresh, however as I've been fortunate enough to have the means to keep them I have - TA22s, RT104s and KEs seem to be very common around these parts, but the RA23/28, RT60/70 and X series come up once or twice a year. They don't sell for much, but the fact that they're rarely sold tells me there's not many left, so by me at least holding onto the chassis' they're not dying in a scrap yard somewhere or being molested into chromed p*^is extensions. IMO if you modify an already unique car to look like a common car you've missed the point of owning a classic and should stick to putting bodykits on mitsubishis...
    The most I think I'll do to this one is a 4A of some sort, but that said plans change, however it goes I'm going to try keep it as nimble and enjoyable as possible - overfenders and oil coolers aren't really my style. In any case it'll be stripped to shell and blasted, welded and sprayed before I get to that stage - it's already 60% disassembled so going back from this point would make little sense.

    Anyway, I somehow doubt there'll be any progress here for a while as most of that panel work is beyond my limited skill set and free time, but I've put it on the to do list now so done it shall become...eventually.

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    Re: 76 RA23 Celica LT

    Love your J-tin cars, and your time traveling story. :lol:

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    Re: 76 RA23 Celica LT

    Always nice to see body filler torn from its smug home! Good work!

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