Hello from Norway!

I`m 26 years old and live in the middle regions of Norway, I have owned cars since I was 21 (Late bloomer) new to the JNC site but have been rather biased toward nostalgic JDM`s for almost ten years now!
My additions to the family here is merely a rusty 1978 TA40 pre-facelift stationwagon (MotorFIX style), have done a neat upgrade for that and I do have some relatively interesting but yet relatively pure upgrades on the way for it as well (A first for the TA40 Carina chassis I believe, it`s not going to be a 3SG or 3TG or 4TG or 1UZ).
I also have an ex-Gr.A 1984 Homologated AE86, it`s been through it`s paces more times than it could take before I claimed ownership of it, but it`s getting closer and closer to fighting-shape

I`ve seen some useful information here on this site and was thinking it is time to see if I can contribute with my relatively limited knowledge, and ask around a little myself.

Hopefully we will all get along!