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Thread: Crown 40 series ute project

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    Crown 40 series ute project

    Heres the new project which will eventually be my wifes daily driver. I met a guy at the shops who told me he had a ute project he was looking to get rid of as he was quite sick. The car has been sitting in primer for around 10 years undercover and has zero rust and extremely straight. The guy was converting it to v6 commodore running gear with engine and box mounts complete, shortened tail shaft, centura diff fitted and modded sump and extractors. I'm Going to bulk up the engine mounts a little before install but everything else looks to be well done. Have rn41 disc brake front end to install and will also need to set up surge tank and fuel pumps but apart from that it's just cosmetic stuff. Have tonnes of parts and spares which have all been labeled and conversion looks surprisingly straight forward. Car was previously fitted with a Holden 202 and is already mod plated
    Recently won a nos grille on eBay which was a missing piece of the puzzle and also might need a front bumper as a 50 series was kinda made to fit. It didn't come with a seat so found an early hilux one which bolted in. Will be going with speedhut gps speedo, fuel and temp gauges.
    Here's some quick pics.
    How it arrived



    Engine bay tidy up

    Quick coat of primer plus engine

    Interior tidy up

    Sorry about crap quality iPhone pics
    Cheers Damo

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    Re: Crown 40 series ute project

    Looks like a cool project. :tu: :mrgreen:

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