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Thread: 80's toyota fitting aftermarket steering wheel

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    80's toyota fitting aftermarket steering wheel

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently trying to track down a boss kit to suit this combination...

    1982 RN30 Hilux


    1979 Momo Indy

    Does anyone have any info regarding what hub kit I will require? Thanks yo!

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    Re: 80's toyota fitting aftermarket steering wheel

    I use to have a steering wheel off a late 70s early 80s Toyota truck in my 3rd Gen Celica. I'm guessing the spline for the steering wheel is the same for most if not all Toyotas.
    I have an 1982 ItalVolanti steering wheel with an eBay quick release on an NRG short hub. My steering wheel had a six bolt hub like yours does. The NRG has 12 bolts and I'm guessing that's because it's made to be used with 2 different bolt patterns.

    NRG part number SRK-120H

    Hope this helps

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    Re: 80's toyota fitting aftermarket steering wheel

    Frankenstiened85 is correct about the NRG part SRK-120H. I just purchased the same short hub for my '77 SR5 and it fits. The only trouble I had were the 6 mounting holes didn't match the bolt holes on my Nardi leather steering wheel. I had to purchase a NRG quick release which had the 12 bolt hole and one set matched the pattern on my Nardi.

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