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Thread: where to find replacement parking brake lines.

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    where to find replacement parking brake lines.

    Hey guys I have a 71 corona, RT83. The parking brake is handle is the kind that is bolted to the bottom of the dash. its a handle you pull back then twist to lock. The little metal bead which keeps the wire in place broke off and I'm looking to find a replacement. Was wondering if anyone has replacement something like this before.

    The end of the cable that broke off looks like the end of bicycle brake lines that go on the hand brakes if that makes any sense. I've checked rock auto, ebay, all the big stores and no one has that replacement line.

    your help would be appreciated. thanks

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    Re: where to find replacement parking brake lines.

    Front cable? LHD? Part number shows a 46410-20100. There are none left in the country, but doesn't show as discontinued. There is a Toyota Fork lift part company that shows it as a good number, may be worth checking out. ... -20100.htm

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