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Thread: CAM'S 808 Savanna Resto BIG UPDATE FOR JNC!!

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    CAM'S 808 Savanna Resto BIG UPDATE FOR JNC!!

    Shit! My whole thread got deleted :td:

    I'll get it all back up again soon, with some more updates :mrgreen:

    Anyway here's some other pics of when I got it and some of the stuff it came with.

    [/URL] [/URL]


    Inside the boot looks to be in good condition.

    The extra parts that came with it

    Interior, the dash is still in really good condition, but the rest will need retrim.

    Remove some panels for a bit better look.

    Ahh, there we go, a big rust hole :shock: This is gonna be fun! \/

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    Give it a couple of weeks Cam, I've lost huge updates here a couple of times before the latest crash.

    You'd be just about done by the looks of you're most recent update. The crate of all clear windscreens can't be too far away now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gypsy
    Give it a couple of weeks Cam, I've lost huge updates here a couple of times before the latest crash.
    You'd be just about done by the looks of you're most recent update. The crate of all clear windscreens can't be too far away now.
    At least it was only copied and pasted from AR
    Have you finished the exhaust on the coupe yet?

    Ok, so I'll copy and paste everything over again so don't pay too much attention to whats written in the posts on the first page as some of will probably make no sense :lol:

    Also found a bit more after taking the dash off

    There's a bit of rust around the bottom and corners of the front window sill that will need to be cut out but wont know the full extent until I get the paint off

    Got the back window out without a drama, all I did was run a Stanley knife blade around the top two corners of the window and just popped it off The sealant was that old that the corners were the only bits still stuck down!

    Had a really good look around the car this afternoon and found a few repairs, both lower back sections of the rear quarters have had new bits welded on, the passenger doesn't look like too bad but the right side has been lapped and welded.
    Also looks like there's been a decent dint covered up on the passenger side rear quarter just behind the door so I'm guessing I'm gonna find a heap of bog there. I got some pics but its a bit hard to tell whats going on so I won't put them up.

    I'm really keen to get the shell blasted now so I can see exactly what I'm up against.

    Today I set about converting the drums to discs using the series 3 brakes, unfortunately I didn't realise there was a difference between S2 and S3 rear brakes ](*,) the brackets I had were for s2 discs and calipers not s3. Series 3 discs are vented and bigger than series 2 discs.
    Anyway after trying to fit them with the brackets I have I realised that they might work if I could move the brackets back about 10mm. To test my theory I needed to make up a dummy bracket to test if it would work as I didn't want to start cutting up my brand new brackets only to realise it wouldn't fit up properly.
    I decided to use the the backing of the drum brakes to make up a dummy bracket to see if it would work. Was pretty easy to cut out the dummy bracket using the original as a template.

    After testing it out it looked like it should work which I was really happy about! So it was time cut up my nice new re speed bracket, because the bracket will now go on the back of the flange on the axle housing it will only be able to use three bolts as opposed to the original four, you can also see from the pics how much had to be grinded out of the middle section.

    I really couldn't believe my luck, after hours of measuring, pulling the axle in and out, testing, grinding etc they basically fitted perfect :shock: just needed a 2mm washer so the disc was nice and centered in the caliper. I 'm really happy with the result I thought I was going to have to make up my own custom brackets, but it made it heaps easier being able to use the ones I had.
    Now I just need to sand blast them up and give them a coat of paint.
    I also had to drill the disc to 4 x 110 stud pattern as the rx7 was 4 x 114. I haven't sorted out the hand brake yet, I've had a few questions about it so I'll post pics of what I end up doing with it, looks like it should be pretty straight forward.

    Original drums [-(

    Now we're talking 8)

    Managed to get time to strip/blast/paint one set of calipers

    My 12A headlights all finished, after restoring a 10A set thinking they were 12A #-o

    Calipers done, rebuild kit on its way also painted up the clutch fork (Note the free spacer )

    Chrome 323 booster ready to be rebuilt, I also bought a patrol master today hopefully it arrives before the end of the week

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    Managed to rebuild one of the rear calipers this afternoon, pretty happy with how it all turned out, although i don't think the stock wheels are going to fit anymore

    Rebuilt Caliper

    Also got some other goodies in the mail, new starter to fit the rx4 12A TD bell housing and a patrol master cylinder, I was going to go with a Wilwood one from the states but at $130 posted for the Patrol one I just couldn't pass it up

    Had a go at getting the tar mat off this arvo, I was going to get some dry ice but didn't have time to pick any up today.
    I got about half of it off with a chisel, wasn't too hard but I wouldn't recommend it :lol:

    Before I started

    After about an hour

    Decided to call it quits for the day will try to get the rest off tomorrow.

    Haha, yeah I'd definitely rather spend my time doing other things, but its good to see it all gone.

    Although I've never tried it I think a heat gun would make the job harder as it would soften up the tar and make it sticky, but like I said I've never tried it.

    Managed to get the rest off this afternoon. Probably took about 3hours all up.

    Got some second hand tyres on the saabs and put em on the back, they seem to fit on pretty good, just have to take your time when doing up the bolts.

    Got the rest of the tar off the inside of the car with some kero, looks nice and clean now

    Also couldn't help myself, been itching to get some of the paint off to see what I'm up against, took awhile to get through all the bog on the sill :shock:

    Shit there's a hole :-k I know, lets fill it with bog =D>

    Just a quick update had a spare hour so I decided to start stripping some paint off the passenger rear quarter to see how much bog was in there.
    There's heaps of filler but at least it doesn't seem to be too rusty.
    I've finally got a weekend at home this weekend so I'll try to strip as much back as I can

    This is as far as I got, I really didn't have much time, but gives you a bit of an idea.

    Although I might sound a little naive at times, I knew this panel was hiding some secrets although not even I was prepared for 40mm of filler!!
    Feels good to have the panel almost all stripped it took me about 1/2 hour to get through the bog, as you can see from the pics its pretty rusted down around the sill.

    Took this after I'd already taken off about 10mm off.

    You can see its had some significant damage and really not that much effort at getting it back into shape.

    Here's some other little rust spots I uncovered. I thought I had a better shot of the whole panel after I'd finished but don't seem to, I'll be spending most of tomorrow with the car so should be able to post up some better pics tomorrow night.

    The weapon of choice, this wire wheel was awesome chewed through the bog really well

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    All I've really done since the last post is strip the rest of the paint off the quarters, I'll also do the roof before it goes to the blasters.

    The right hand guard ended up having shitloads of filler in it as well ](*,) took ages getting it all out!

    Not the best pics but you can see where its been pushed in above the wheel arch and this was filled with bog.


    The lower front section of the RH qtr wasn't as bad as the left but will still need to cut out and replaced.

    Second pic shows the piece welded in on the rear lower section, was pretty much just welded on so they had something to build filler up on :lol:


    I've decided its going to be a GT Savanna replica, interior and exterior anyway. Engine will start as 12A TD as I've already got most of the gear for it but then I'll be building up a 12A turbo as I know I'm just not going to be happy with power of the TD.
    It will probably be a bit of a mix of parts from different series as I'm not really sure of the differences between them yet but the plan so far is the above mirrors, teacups, Savanna dash (centre console and handbrake surround) and GT interior (as pictured below). So if anyone has any Savanna dash stuff they want to sell let me know

    Finally some progress on the car, felt good to get out there today and get some stuff done. I made up a frame for it so I can strip the rest of the running gear off the shell. Also puts it at a heaps nicer height for doing the panel work

    What I started with and what it looks like all finished, just hope it still fits out the shed door :lol:

    I still want to get the shell blasted but I'll need to save up a bit more cash, but until then I'm going to keep doing what I can.

    I decided to take the sills off first, as they both had a lot of rust and about 10mm of bog on them so no point paying someone to blast bog off bits that are going to be replaced.

    The Right side Before

    Found 25c!

    And the left side Before and after.

    This is the amount of stuff that came out of the sills! Its mainly garnet from whoever blasted the car last.

    Plan is to get the middle sections of the sills bent up out of new metal by a fabricator and I'll re-make the ends.

    I also pulled off the supports that go under the front quarter panels as they'd had some previous repairs that I'm not happy with, I'm also thinking about taking the whole cowl panel off too so they need to came off anyway.

    I managed to get a replacement for the rhs, the two pics below show the difference, the replacement doesn't look that great in the pics but it only has some surface rust, just needs to be sand blasted.

    These other support pieces that are only on the late model cars (I think) are going to be remade out of some fresh metal, took ages to get off, couldn't tell where all the spot welds were because of the rust! Also had to weld in one little patch where it was getting really thin.

    Going to get stuck into the car this weekend so I'll have decent update in a couple of days.

    Although I thought the sills looked to be in pretty good condition, I wasn't very confident, as my car is a perfect example that paint can hide a lot of nasty surprises!
    After spending about half the day unpicking everything I was extremely surprised and happy to find the sills we're in mint condition on the inside! Apart from being a bit squashed from people jacking the car up, they're both also very straight! :shock: I'm beginning to think we cut up the wrong car :lol: :lol:

    So after stripping and straitening them them up a bit they're pretty much ready to paint and weld in! I'm stoked as it saves me a heap of time in trying to make new ones or organising to get new ones made.

    First two pics is what I started with, the replacement quarter is in good condition too.

    Here's a comparison between the new ones and the ones that came off my car.

    I welded up and grinded back where I drilled out the spot welds as they'll have to be re - welded, also shows how little rust there was behind the rear quarter panels.

    Paint strip and sand them back. Just need a bit more work to take out a few little dints and they'll be ready to roll!

    I got this book the other day as I got myself a hammer and dolly set and needed to learn how to use it :lol: I read it the other night and I'd recommend it to anybody wanting to learn a bit about panel beating with hand tools. It was really easy to understand, had heaps of pics and I learnt a lot.

    Small update I'll let the pics do the talking

    Got the inner supports done left and right. They don't look as nice as the original ones but hey, they serve the same purpose and you'll never see them anyway.

    Finished straightening,thoroughly cleaned, metal readied and sanded one of the sills before applying two coats of POR15.

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    Sills are almost ready to weld back on! Primed up where I'll be plug welding with some copper rich primer.

    I tried out the Dy-Mark Zinc Gal when I was welding the inner support pieces in the above post which is suppose to be able to be used as a weld through primer, but it wasn't very good in my opinion. The U-Pol stuff in the green can was heaps better, about double the price though #-o

    This is my first decent attempt at some metal fabrication, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. These bottom corner pieces were rusted right through on both sides. Don't let the old piece in the pic fool you, there's a huge hole in it that's just filled over :roll:

    Pic 2, I got right up there with the POR15, hopefully this will never rust out again

    All welded up, Unfortunately too late on Sunday night to start grinding, don't want to piss the neighbors off

    Cheers guys! I'll try to keep it up, I'm starting to get a bit worried about annoying the neighbors though so I might have to have a break from it for a week or so soon :cry:

    Still been going at it though , I was going to get the sills back on and finished but then I realised if do that and then repair the lower sections of the A pillars, all the rust and metal filings from the repairs is going to end up in the bottom of the sills. I'm also planing to blast under the cowl panel before I start the pillars so I don't want heaps of garnet getting down there either. So anyway this is what I've now been up to.

    Feels awesome to see the cowl panel off, ever since I got the car I've wanted to get in there as that's where the worst rust, wasn't the easiest of jobs but got it done in the end.

    Here's a few close ups of the rusty bits

    Hard to tell from the pic but whoever had it last just slapped new sikiflex straight over the old stuff :-k

    I just cut around the section that had been previously repaired, I'll have to grind it off later. Pic 2 is from the inside of the cowl panel and you can see the piece that was welded in.

    Also got some new tail lights 8) They look good!

    More pics of Rusty stuff :moon:

    Removed the support pieces from either side of the cowl, no idea what their called, they were rusted right out :shock: Going to get some new ones made up Around the vent holes is also going to need replacing.

    The repair from above finished up.

    Made up a patch for the left A pillar, need to get some paint in behind it before I weld it in.

    Lastly, removed and made up some new support pieces that weld to the dash mounts, I'm going to have to replace a fair bit of metal in this area too

    Did a few more rust repairs today , after helping Mo all yesterday and working on the car today I'm absolutely stuffed! So I'll pretty much just let the pictures do the talking.

    Decided to do this part in two sections.

    Tried to make this piece in one go but had a few issues so I just cut it in half, had to get the curve right on it so that it lined up with the dash mount and also so that the dash mount support piece fitted in nicely.

    Around the vent hole is now finished, will look a bit better once its painted.


    Coat of paint inside the A pillar and it'll be all ready to weld back together for the next update.

    Got some goodies in the post today! Big thanks to Kurt (aka -djfizz-) for making them up for me, I sent him two pieces of rusty crap and he sends me back perfect new bits ready to weld in :bounce: I'm stoked with how they turned out!!
    Can't wait to get back out and finish off around the bottom of the left A pillar!

    Fits like a glove

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    Managed to get a little bit more done on the car over the weekend, pretty much finished the left side and made a good start on the right!

    And it all starts again on the right side :lol:

    The right side required a bit more work to the left as it was all rusted out where the kick panel meets the inside piece of the A pillar.

    You can see in the first pic here how thin it was when I went to clean the area to grind the welds off, wore holes straight through.

    New patch panel ready to go in!

    I didn't really get much time to do any serious work on the car this weekend Got out on Sunday for a coupe of hours though and as my neighbour isn't home at the moment I figured it'd be perfect time to get the pot blaster out and clean all the area under the cowl so its ready for paint.


    AFTER, I cleaned it up a bit more after these photos were taken, got rid of all the old sealant and cleaned a bit more of the paint and rust off. It was a bit of a messy job, but happy with outcome now that its done, now just have to finish up the repairs, paint it all and weld the panel back on :mrgreen:

    Finally a free weekend to get some more done on the car! Was hoping to get the cowl panel area finished, painted and back on but majorly underestimated the amount of work still to do and didn't even come close :lol:

    I needed to replace all the steel along the front because of all the rust holes so I decided to do it in four sections. If I had have cut it out in one go it wouldn't have been supported and would have been a nightmare trying to weld it back up by myself.

    The second section had the piece that had already been replaced previously, you can see in the pic the old weld weld was lapped and they didn't even bother welding it up on the sides :roll:

    So for anyone wondering this is pretty much step by step of how i repaired this last section. I'm no expert so feel free to add any comments or ideas if you know of a better way of doing things
    The main reason started this thread is because of everything I've learnt from others on here so just hoping i can ad something useful for others who are starting out.

    I thought I'd taken more pics than this but first I started by clamping next to each plug weld and tacking it on the opposite side where the bits are getting butted together, you need to make sure the metal is tightly clamped together when when plug welding it together.
    Then I just worked my way down clamping next to each and welding it up until I get to where I am in the picture below.
    I also made sure the bits that were getting butt welded were nice and level with each other before tacking them.

    You can see in the next picture that I've scratched the primer out a bit from were is going to be welded, although the weld through primer can be 'welded through' it just makes it heaps easier as it takes a bit to burn through the paint if you don't scratch some of it off.

    Now that its all tacked its ready to stitch weld it up, this is done to try and stop the metal warping too much.

    Pic below shows the first run of stitch welds, now this metal is a bit thicker than panels and it still warped a little bit when I welded it but is easy to tap it up from behind so I'm not too worried about it.
    If this was a panel that was going to be seen then there's no way I'd weld this much at a time as I think it would warp too much.

    Second run finishes off welding the patch in, now just have to grind them down a bit and clean it all up.

    Is a good idea to look in behind the weld to see if there are any pin holes or bits you've missed, if there is you'll see the light coming through. Lucky for me I can't see any :lol:

    I was clamping this nut on to weld in for where the heater vent screws into and ended up dropping it into the bottom part of the A pillar, anyway it had to come out as it was to big to fall out the bottom and last thing I wanted was a nut rattling around in while I was driving #-o
    After walking around the shed for 5 minutes trying to find something to get it out end up wrapping masking tape over some electrical wire (sticky side out) and after stuffing aroung with my phone torch and the wire managed to get the nut back out \/
    Next chance I get I'll be buying a little magnet in case it happens again!

    Next was to cut out the last rust hole from under the cowl panel \/ . People have been asking me how I get the shape the for the patch panels I've made so far and picture two shows how wherever I can I'll try to use the piece I cut out as a template and make the new piece using the old piece as a guide.

    You can see I basically just clamp the new metal to the old piece that I cut out and bend it around to fit. It never turns out perfect but at least it gets you close and just needs a bit of tweaking and trimming up to get it to fit.

    About 4pm and had to call it quits at this point as housemates and neighbours were wanting me to pack up, would have worked all night if I could

    Almost finished everything I need to get done before I paint it all and get the cowl panel back on!

    Got about half the work done on the cowl panel so it will be ready to weld back on. First had to strip the paint and bog off it.

    The area under the windscreen on the drivers side had been pushed in and was full of filler.

    This is after I tapped it out and cleaned it up.

    Made up a patch, welded it in and cleaned the whole lot up.

    The left hand side is also going to need a new piece welded in.

    Next pics just show replacing the bits that had rusted through on the front of the panel and cutting out the old repair job.

    Decided to try and do something that was a bit quieter in the arvo so cleaned up the area under the cowl panel and gave it some coats of paint. I'm starting to get excited about welding the cowl panel back on and getting this area all finished :bounce2:

    Managed to get a couple of hours done today, I've been really busy over the last couple of weeks which has made it hard to get anything done on the car.

    Its good to see the weather getting better though

    Sealed it all back up!

    Did a few more repairs to the cowl panel, same as above.

    Still have to fix it up in the corner part of the window channel, but it was too hard to get the right shape so I'll finish it off when its back on the car. There was just nothing to go off as it had all rusted away.
    Pic one is before I tapped it back into shape.

    Just have to cut out these last bits of rust along the window channel and it will be ready to put back on!

    Couple more small repairs done.

    Huge blob of brass had been used in a previous repair.

    Also got this piece welded in but forgot to take a pic of it.

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    Had an awesome weekend, so good to see the weather getting warmer, can't wait for daylight savings!!

    Finished patching up the last few bits of the window channel.

    This nut was well beyond threaded :?

    Inside of the cowl panel before and after a clean and Metal Ready

    All painted up and ready to go back on!

    Now I knew something had been done around the area of the hole that the steering column goes through as it was covered with silicon on the inside.
    Anyway uncovered an extremely crappy repair job :shock: Half the rust wasn't even cut out?

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    Always good to see someone go the full mile with their resto!
    Keep up the good work... :tu:

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    Man I'm always amazed at how you find these beauties, Ill be watching this resto closely! :tu:

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