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Thread: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

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    So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    seeing as since the boards been down, and now i had to re create my account, ill have to re do my introduction about my cars. Sucks since i put so much work into it

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    Well, welcome aboard again. :tu: :mrgreen:

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    copy & paste is your friend

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    Copy and paste is good when u can copy what was deleted

    So im Dan Uphoff from Portland Oregon. Was born into Datsuns, all i drive are Datsuns and nissans. I own a 2002 infinity g20, ive been in the se-R game a while but sold my last se-r just a few months ago to get a pathfinder for moving my family around, the wife drives the g20 for work since it gets great gas milage.

    Now my 2 datsuns, i have a 1971 510, just known as the purple car. Been in the family for over 20 years, has looked the same for 20 years untill recently with me putting air dam back on, and grille and rear spoiler (some dont like the spoiler, i do because its different) I also have new carol shelby mesh rims for it that have only 6 miles on them that have been sitting in the box for over 20 years, and now have brand new tires, they will be going on after a complete front end rebuild. Here are some pictures. All i have left to do is exterior, then new headliner adn door panels and im done.

    See the carol shelbies laying there.

    Oriignal grille.

    Then my pride and joy. My PRESERVED NOT RESTORED 1972 510. Shes as if she came off the showroom floor. 99.5% stock, all original, no modifications at all in over 40+ years. Im the 2nd owner, the original owner was Arthur Hughes, who was a great man in the Datsun community, from 1991 onward till he passed in december of last year, he always attended most of the car shows on the west coast, and the car has a impressive win streak of over 44 first place wins in 44 shows, and add 3 more wins since ive owned it. She is just a lil over 115k. She is knicknamed Art. I love this car, because the man was like family, he was like the grandfather i saw a few times a year, he always had a story, and was always a amazing man to talk to. He kept her so original, she even still has the vinyl plastic on the rear door panels. She is a automatic, but as back then that was a upgrade, i prefer it especially since im disabled with a bad left leg, she is perfect for cruising, i always get so much attention with her. Its funny because one person dared to say this car is boring since its stock, but most people dont understand how hard it is to preserve a car, its harder than modifying and WAY harder than restoring to keep a car original. Pics.

    Good old Art and Arthur together.

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    15 year ago photos.

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    One of my dads 510s. He has 2 510's, other is a 68 2nd lowest vin in the usa that hes building, and also a stock 610.

    My 1000 dollar pathfinder. RUns and drives great after 4 months of owning it.

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    Ive also owned alot of other vehicles, a ka 510, heres some random pics of old cars i used to own. The 720 i have always regretted selling.

    This is the sel i just sold, technically a se-r, i really miss it, but i lost my disability due to corrupt workers comp board and doctor, and we had to move someplace cheaper, so i had to sell her ...i really miss her, i put alot of time nad money into her, had a very rare body kit from the nismo catalog on her, was going to turbo since my black 200sx you will see has a sr20ve with n1 cams in it, i wanted to do something different.

    Wifes g20

    When i was little.

    My dads shop.

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    Miss this car, but 2 door did not work for me, i had owned her since 2004, finally sold in 2012.

    Custom lip

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself


    And how this looks the last time i saw it a year ago

    I bought the sel to have 4 doors with 2 small kids, the 2 door 200sx was not working, i have a lower lumbar fusion with scar tissue causing me horrid issues with my left leg, so i needed a 4 door. I transfered the leather interior i put in the 200sx from a g20, and pretty much everything but the motor to the se-l...i still miss that 200sx, was the first new car i ever bought, i regret selling it, and my 05 altima se-r, and my 720. the 3 vehicles out of many ive owned that i still kick myself for ever having to sell.

    My old 411.

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    Re: So i guess i have to re introduce myself

    I know its alot to go through, but i just like to share everything, ive been into almost every nissan, i love cars period.

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