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Thread: The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!

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    The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!

    Hey guys, some of you may have seen my post earlier on, but due to the crash of the forum this post was lost. Oh well, I get a chance to redo it! Nah, I will just copy everything from 1stGenCelica or ClassicCelica.

    Hello, everyone, some of you may know that I posted a wanted ad a while ago. Many Celica's, both liftback's and coupe's past on through and I didn't have enough time to get them, being on an island can suck sometimes. Anyways, after viewing something like 50 Celica's, I finally decided to post a WTB ad on Craigslist for any JNC from the 60's to the 80's, any body style. I even had an offer for a Toyota Crown wagon, from the early 70's if I remember right. I really regret letting that opportunity slip by, and I should have jumped on it (parts car included), but I didn't want to dare try and find parts for it in the U.S. and I don't have any connections in Japan. Problems of being young and inexperienced.

    So I got an email from a guy named Robert, who is well known in the Celica community. Really nice guy, talked to him on day and he held it for me for a week in order for me to get time to pick it up. Went over there today, the 29th of August, with our Sienna van (pics later) and borrowed his dolly to get it over to my house. We almost had an accident getting it off of the trailer, the strap was loose and it almost just came right off. Rolled it right off, and right now it sits.

    The work:
    Right now there is no carb on it, so we cannot attempt to start it until we get one, which I am sourcing. He gave us a Weber (26/27?) but we need an adapter, and we just decided starting on the stock would be easier to begin with. Interior isn't really that bad, mainly just needs some rust repair on the drivers side floor pan, a carpet, and 2 front seats. Back seats are fine, same with the panels. Also needs work in the dash, as the electrical is all torn out and needs some replacement, and it also needs some new speakers/radio. It is missing the console, but I am thinking of mocking up one myself and just spraying it with bedliner or covering it in something. The body contains some rust, mainly in the spare wheel well and the drivers side behind this door. Hood also has some surface rust, and there are some body filler spots that I can see, oh well.

    RIGHT! I forgot! The engine is an 18R-U, I know that it shares the same components as the RC, but is there any other difference really? And I know that it is a J-spec emmisions control. Thanks

    The Plans:
    Even though my dad and some of you may not agree, I am not planning for this to be a restoration, more of a resto-mod, with less resto. Paint will be the biggest expense, and wheels, but I am also looking into fender flares and both spoilers, chin and rear. I will also try to make money for coilovers, because I want to get this thing low, but not too low, because I think Vashon has more potholes than all world combined. No one cares about our roads.

    The Pictures:
    Okay, now the exciting part!
    Sorry for the poor quality, my camera just decided to crap out today, and I have to use my phone. Here we go:

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    Re: The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!

    So today, we took out the seats, both rear and front, what was left of the carpet, and the belts. Most of the belts are in nasty condition, but a few we think were never unreeled! Score! Also, the rear seat is in awesome condition for the most part, the 2 pads that were behind it are in great condition, and the only spot that we noticed was not in good shape looks like something rusty was sitting on it. A couple tears here and there, but the main problem was in the seats. Both front seats were drivers side, but I will probably be keeping the black until I get newer seats, but not original. I am not sure what I want to do with the brown one, I am not sure if it is newer or older, it has the dragon emblem on the back of the headrest if that helps. I thought about taking the dash off, but then after removing two or three screws I decided to skip it and wait till its running or another day.

    As for the rust, most of it is around the grommets so we might use the saber saw and cut a wider hole, then put a bigger grommet in to avoid removing the sound deadening. As for the trunk spots, we are probably gonna just cut out the spare wheel well then make it flush, either riveting a patch on or finding someone to weld it on.

    Another thing I was trying to figure out today was the electrical. the bulbs that are working are very dim and, which is probably a cause from corrosion, which I still need to fix. There are also some switches that are not working or are unplugged that I have no idea what they go to. Hopefully when I get the manual this Wednesday I can solve that problem. As for the car, I talked to the guy at NAPA, he things he can find me an adapter for the Weber for cheap, plus he has fast shipping, so we will see. Anyways, some pictures for your eyes:

    The block solenoid/whatever it is starting screeching at me today whenever the battery was plugged in. Now it has stopped and is fine.

    Bit of a window gap going on here. The window wont crank all the way up, I suspect.

    Lots of parts

    This thing broke off. Hose to the carburetor

    We found out one of the seat mounts sheered off, gotta weld that up too!

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    The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!


    Also, The carb was mounted using a kit from Redline I believe, and I got it running! Basically, the distrubutor was a quarter turn delayed, so I we had to match up the marks(In which case the mark on the housing was gone, which made it fun to find :evil: ), then just pull the distributor at TDC and realign it with the first plug.

    I swear, it didn't even take one crank to start, it WANTED to go! Now all we need to do is get gas. I had a hard time figuring that out after I failed at starting it ops: .

    Also, I have the most ghetto throttle linkage right now just to test it, made from computer case sheet metal. In a few days it will be better, but with Junior year I am nailed down with work. Bummer.


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    Re: The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!

    Yeah, no kidding!

    Alright, today was the first day I actually could do anything, the past week it was completely foggy, every single day, and there was also some rain. Everywhere else besides Vashon, in the Puget Sound Area, got lucky. Ran up to the lumber yard, got some miscellaneous bolts and nuts, then set off. Also some tubing.

    Redid the rubber MB cylinder hoses wit new ones, and I also remade my throttle linkage. Don't have any pictures right now, but I used 1/4 inch think steel I think, maybe 1/8 inch.

    Decided our relationship wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, so I decided to strip her naked and spice things up!

    I'll let the pictures do the explaining, but all that went down was fender removal, headlight removal, all the front fascia, sanding, priming, yada yada.

    Alright, what's the difference here folks? The bottom of one is shorter, different year?

    Also, our Sienna just decided to turn on the check engine light. Boo.

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    Re: The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!

    Any updates on this one? Still coping with rain, I suppose?

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    Re: The Teenage Budget 1973 Celica ST- Back and running!

    Quote Originally Posted by stefman454
    Any updates on this one? Still coping with rain, I suppose?
    Actually it has been pretty nice lately for Washington in April/May- Hit 85 yesterday and broke the record!

    Anyways...yeah.. updates...Where to start...right, rust!

    Basically, I took most of the deadening out. Rust, of course, is a problem. floor pans are shot, and so is trunk. Not only is rust a problem but so are stripped holes and sheared off bolts. One of the previous owners drilled out the passenger side lower fender holes and put sheet metal screws in, not cool. on the drivers side they are crusting away and have sheared off bolts. Not cool again.

    Brakes are nearly done, I just need to find out why the passenger front won't bleed, all the other three are fine. It might be something with the caliper, don't know, and I'm gonna hook it up to the drivers side to see if it is the caliper or the line.

    As far as the body I am trying, trying to convince my parents to let me buy another shell. I have found a '72 shell, completely stripped, for $250 and want to transfer everything (minus gas tank) over because it is clean and doesn't need body work. This one I'd sell for a hundred bucks cause that's what it's worth.

    But, the roadblock is my parents want me to sell it. I am trying to get my Eagle for Boyscouts, and am finishing Junior year, and they say "It's not safe." Sure, I can agree but they let me buy it so screw 'em. Right now it's on craigslist so who knows.

    That's what I've missed putting on here. I also got seats, plastic buckets with covers. IF YOU WANT TO READ ALL OF WHAT I DID HERE IT IS ON STANCEWORKS, I CAN'T LINK YOU TO FIRSTGENCELICA (Sorry if you oppose the site/style): ... hp?t=48848

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