Well, it's been a while since I put up text in a little white box on the internet but here I am once more - I'll try to keep it short and sweet ;P

I'm Serg, I live in Perth, Western Australia - well right now anyways, I have been known to wander - and long story short I spent my younger years and a few $ buying/building Aus domestic vehicles, then upgraded to the humble Nissan S13 with a mere 400hp at the treads where I spent a few more years and more than a few more $ going fast and looking all shiny. It was during this time whilst I was working at a car transport company that I came across a mint condition TA22 Celica and fell in love with the shape, I'd seen the old skylines and RA28s here and there but that one for some reason just captivated me. So I think it was some time in 2010 that I picked up a 76 RA23 Toyota Celica in pieces and with holes in it. Lots of holes. Long story short the original buyer brought it from the other side of aus thinking it was all hunky dory, then found out it was all hunky body filler. He called it quits and I, having not seen one for sale all year locally decided better the devil you know and took it on. It still has lots of holes and just sits in my shed, storing an assortment of parts and trim and keeping the 18RG off the ground :P There's a reason for that....

Well, I was bored one day at work and a forum sale thread notification popped up with a weird looking vehicular object, in Perth as luck would have it. Shot off an email, went round to see it and the next day trailered a 69 Toyota Corona RT72 Mark 2 1900 SL Coupe off to a mates place for storage. It had a running and rebuilt 8R-C and a restoration done about ten years prior I learnt later, however they'd obviously botched something in the painting and that combined with I guess neglect meant that the roof had major rust coming through and so did a few other areas.

After that life kinda happened and I went all sorts of places and did all sorts of stuff for about 2 years and managed to not die, which was surprising, and now I'm here typing into the white box...

But wait, there's more; just the other day I saw another object of interest and went for a wander, and am now the proud owner of a 72 Toyota Corona MX22 Mark 2 Coupe, stock as a rock, 105,000k on the clock.

It was at this stage that I realised I had a problem and should probably seek professional advice. Unfortunately I spent the money I would have spent on the advice on the MX22.... so now I'm here.


I will of course put up threads for the cars in good time - I actually have two other non nostalgia rides I'm still tinkering with so that might take a bit of time.