Just discovered this forum, been on HybridZ since about early last year, JDMR since 09' and a bunch of other forums.
I'm 21, this is my 4th car

2010 Honda Civic Si Sedan
1996 Nissan 240sx
1978 Datsun 280z (Blue)
1978 Datsun 280z (Black)


First full tank and the day I bought it (July 26,2013)

My old one in the back

Few of my buddies (RB25 s13, me, VIP LS400 (WIP), STI Swapped Legacy)

and a random shot

So far I've got
mid gen prelude seats
Personal Wood Wheel from an MG
Momo Hub
Sparco Quick Release
Recaro DC2s ready for install
Awaiting Aluminum Front Diff Mount
and original clock still ticking


ps. I plan to keep it black but remove that red striping later on