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Thread: modern electric fuel pump in a carbed JNC

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    modern electric fuel pump in a carbed JNC

    I know this is probably a st*pid question. But has anyone ever tried putting an electric fuel pump in a carbed JNC?. For some reason I don't trust mechanical pumps and plan on changing the one on my 81 Corona to an electric type from a newer Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla (the ones with fuel injection). I know Id have to run a fuel pressure regulator (set at 5 to 9psi based on info that I've scavenged from the web). Question is would the pump work on my stock fuel tank? and do I need to do any special wiring?. or is it just a plug and play type of installation? Any cons in changing to an electric fuel pump?

    Thanks for helping 8)

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    Re: modern electric fuel pump in a carbed JNC

    you will have to figure out some sort of hanger for the pump in the tank if you go that route. You can also use external electric fuel pumps. You won't need a pressure regulator if you buy the right pump. Some of the holley and carter electric pumps are made for carbs and will flow around 6psi or so. Some of us lucked out and were supplied an electric fuel pump from the factory. My 76 celica has an electric fuel pump. Only special wiring you will need is either switched 12v(ignition so pump comes on when you turn the key) or a switch in the dash. You will also need the regulator if you are running webers as they like only about 3psi or so.

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    Re: modern electric fuel pump in a carbed JNC

    Thanks OkieRA29! 8) , I do plan on using an external pump (not keen on putting something that can cause a spark inside my gas tank) maybe I'll try and research from what carb'ed car I can get an electric pump (a Daihatsu Charade maybe?) so I can bypass a fuel regulator entirely. And yes I do intend on just having an unmarked switch go to the pump, just in case some punk try to steal "midori". Didn't know JNC's from the 70's came with electric pumps. Cool!

    Again, thanks for the assist 8)

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    Re: modern electric fuel pump in a carbed JNC

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