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Thread: What do I need to get a good stance? '79 MX32

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    What do I need to get a good stance? '79 MX32

    I'm in the process of buying a 1979 Toyota Cressida and want to get a nice tucked stance with some deep barrels. Can anyone recommend suspense, coilovers, wheels, tires, ect.? I don't want to go too overboard on price. Somewhere in the $2000 to $2500 range for everything if possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Pics of referances would truly help also. Thanks everyone.

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    Re: What do I need to get a good stance? '79 MX32

    If you want just a "stance" car, you'd be better off with something that has a IRS. Like a X7 sedan or X8. X3's don't have aftermarket suspension, you'll have to adapt something.

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    Re: What do I need to get a good stance? '79 MX32

    If the front is similar to the x6 then cut and shut struts with mr2 inserts, coilover adjusters/springs, and s13 camber plates. The rear can be done similar to an rx7/ae86, with circle track springs and weight jacks, add some camaro shocks and be good to go.


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    Re: What do I need to get a good stance? '79 MX32

    ^ this and also what layzor said. if you saw lloyd's car with it's badass rear camber and want to emulate that, you should know that he has irs from his old x6 back there and it's not a bolt-in affair. you're not going to find an all-in-one kit.

    if you want to have legit wheels, i'd focus on what you can find in a wider 14 or 15. your budget will end up being at least 50-75% consumed by just the wheels themselves unless you cheap out and go with repros (not going to find 'em in much wider than 15x9 unless you want the atara 15x10 watanabe knockoffs) or custom sized steel wheels. i'm pretty sure the specs lloyd is running are in his build threads somewhere, and you can look for his ssr mk1 fs ad to see what those were. plenty of pics of his car running those for examples.

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