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Thread: Hi - can anyone please help?

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    Hi - can anyone please help?

    I found out about this website just today at work (quiet day) and i spent a good hour or two reading this awsome build thread about an old KGC 2000GT i think it was. Now im at home and i cant bloody find the thread haha, was wondering if anyone can recognise it if i describe it.

    It was an Aussie guy who lives in Sydney, imported a silver 2 door in one of the RORO boats, gets it home thinking he'll have it on the road the next week but ends up replacing half the car. It had cracked Watanabe wheels and some rare JDM steering wheel which he kept instead of a new nardi wheel, lol if that narrows it down.

    Anyone know the one im rambling on about? Or was i dreaming..

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    Re: Hi - can anyone please help?

    Dont worry Dorothy, you're still in Kansas.
    I'll just leave this here.



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