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Thread: Hello from Oregon - Datsun 810 Wagon owner.

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    Hello from Oregon - Datsun 810 Wagon owner.

    Hello everyone my name is Jorge and I'm a proud owner of a 1979 Datsun 810 Wagon some if not most of you that knew zetozeto99 used to own this beauty with a few changes from the PO, has early 77-78 810 round headlight & grill conversion & dapper lighting prototypes. After it went to Utah when zeto sold it, it was offered to me last year and in march 2nd I was driving her back home in Medford, Oregon. I'm working hard to get money together to fix imperfections that went on over the few years from the PO's and over the past 30 years since it was new. I can say its in really good shape pretty straight very very little rust that can be taken care of, I'm no mechanic nor do I have experience in body shop but I will do the best to keep this car going for as long as I can keep her! I plan on taking on pretty much the same plans zetozeto99 had for it, I really want to put back the front air dam so I plan on buying one soon and getting cut to fit. Wheels are the same Racing Eagle 14x7 from Japan there a bit mistreated not very clean right now so I will be getting them back nice and shiny again! It is summertime and we all know summer comes and goes pretty quick and unfortunately for me there are no local classic japanese car shows only your typical muscle car and Z car club shows once a year :roll: I did end up going to Canby, Oregon for the Datsun Driving Canby Fun Car Show really fun got yo meet a lot of people mainly from the forum which I'm registered there as well. Anyway my plans are to fix the exhaust leak I got if not replace the whole exhaust with custom fitted headers because I like to be loud and obnoxious lol, plan on either blast pipes or some bosozoku style pipes nothing too crazy. I also plan on giving it a tune up, oil change, air filter and change all the engine gaskets. Power wise I'd love to stick to the stock engine long as possible really love the reliability and gas mileage but I plan on giving it a power bump, maybe get a LD28 crank, itb setup, port & polish the head and get a special grid camshaft made for the L24E. I want to lower the 810 another inch or so but I already hot on the speed bumps but hey that's part of having a lowered car right! Other future plans are to get it repaint it same color hopefully locate some NOS headlight bezels & grill (if possible to find) as mine are flaking and dole. Also plan on some suspension maybe front coilovers with maxima sway bar, upgrade the brakes & do a rear disc conversion from a maxima or aftermarket and either get a four link suspension on the back or air suspension maybe even a IRS setup from a 280zx. Also for winter time which I plan not drive as much i want to get some 81 280zx turbo snowflake wheels.

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    Re: Hello from Oregon - Datsun 810 Wagon owner.

    Welcome !! But your pics do not work

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