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Thread: Vashing Island Car Show -Washington

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    Vashing Island Car Show -Washington

    Hey all, on behalf of the Vashon Chamber of Commerce, I am posting about a car show Sunday, July 21st. This is a car show welcome to any type of auto, vintage or brand new, but in the past there has been a lacking of Japanese classic cars. I would really like to get some over here, not only to get more cars into the car show, but because we need a larger variety. Anyways, cost is 15 dollars, plus whatever it costs to get over here because you must drive on a ferry (quite an adventure) but that depends on the amount of people you are bringing, the ferry being from West Seattle. Also, we highly encourage you to stay around Vashon for a while, it is a festival after all, and we have plenty of fun roads to drive on. All the other details and the contact information are on the form attached, anyways, thanks for reading!

    Because I cannot attach anything, here is the page for the brochure: ... y/3-parade
    Not the grand parade, Car show.


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    Re: Vashing Island Car Show -Washington

    Post here, should bring in a lot of attention!

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    Re: Vashing Island Car Show -Washington

    I would, but I don't use Facebook, thanks though

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    Re: Vashing Island Car Show -Washington

    Better get on Facebook to widely promote your show. Just saying...

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