Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to the forum. I recently "got" and 72 corona (rt-73 platform) from a family member. Car had been siting in the driveway for 3 years with bad weatherstrip around the trunk and doors, possible windshield leak too. I went to rescue the car and did a ton of work, got the engine going again, ignition tune, valve adjust etc.

None of the instrument gauges work, the oil and charge light come on, but nothing from the fuel or temp sender, no lights, I got the headlights to come on after wire brushing the fuse block, but nothing else. One turn signal kind of works but intermittently.

There is a weird EVAP unit on the engine it that is all vacuum controlled and has a "box" in the dash with and dial that says "RPM" on it, the manuals I have don't give information on the EVAP system. I'm not sure how to test it or how it plays into tuning the engine.

No brake lights work either. There is a fair amount of rust and corrosion. I'm working on taking apart the dash to get to the wires and see where the bad connections are.

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to find info on the wiring for this specific car and what I can/cannot eliminate? Also, what is the history with the wiring on these things, do they have a reputation for cheap wires that get brittle and degrade over time or due to engine heat? I cleaned up the ground connections I could see, the fuses in the fuse block are all intact, but still no readings form the temp or fuel sender. My crude tests with a multi-meter do some some voltage come from these senders.

Apologies if this is too long winded.

Any help is appreciated.