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Thread: Cross country in a CRX-HF

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    Cross country in a CRX-HF

    So I'm thinking of taking my 86 CRX-HF from PA to the JCCS this year. 2700 miles in 40 hours of driving. I should be able to do one-way in 50 gallons of gas. Anyone have any experience with cross country trips? I'm thinking of driving out and then flying back.


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    Re: Cross country in a CRX-HF

    Leave your car and fly home?

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    Re: Cross country in a CRX-HF

    I drove form PA to SoCal 3 years ago. Take Rt 80 and Rt 40. Micro car museum in Memphis and Cadillac grave yard in TX. to name a few attractions. I did it alone in 4 days on about 75 gallons(03 civic). Incredible tail winds, some days I got over 40mpg. These roads are nothing like the PA turnpikes. You can pull off on side roads and drive parallel with the main route and than just go back on the main route, unlike the turnpike where you exit and can end up in nowhere land. Cheap places to stay and get gas in view of the route.

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    Re: Cross country in a CRX-HF

    do it road trips are the best and to end up at jccs is besets.

    did twice from Vancouver BC to JCCS great time but not enough time.


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