Greetings from Knoxville!

This is my 3rd JNC and my favorite by far. It's a 1976 Toyota Corolla TE31 Sedan. The PO tried to strip the car and drift it, but got tired of the project, and let the car go to waste. I'm currently in the process of bringing it back to its former glory! Any advice and insight would be awesome, because I can't seem to find too much information on this model.

I will be swapping the (now dead) 2TC for a 22R in a couple weeks. I might make a build thread, if I can actually remember to take pictures.

It's sitting on cut springs up front (not my doing..) and 4" blocks in the rear. I will be doing a custom front end suspension and 4-link in a few months.
14x7 et-7 Appliance Mesh Bob Sharp Etd. wheels
Federal tires

Thanks in advance for any help!